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Note: This FAQ was created in a span of two months at the Suikoden 4 board. For this reason, the questions and answers are in no specific order. The best way to search for your question would be to use your browser's search function, and look for the term you are trying to find.

Is it true That the True Holy Rune was a mistranslation?

Yes, "True Holy Rune" is a mistranslation. I have no idea how the translation could have gotten so wrong, but probably the smoothest translation would be "Godspeed Rune." There is no possible way it can be translated accurately because the original word "Shin shingyouhou no monsyou" comes from Shui Hu Zhuan, the Chinese classic that Suikoden is loosely based upon. "Shingyouhou" is a magical method used by the tensoku star in the original novel as a means to travel faster. The characters for the word is for "deity/spirit" (Shin), "way/travel" (gyou), "method/law" (hou). Konami attached the "Shin" which means "true" in Suikoden to differentiate it from the normal "holy rune."

Konami has also officially stated the True Holy Rune is not a true rune.

I heard about some fake FC that is in the gaidens. How did he trick so many people with a fake rune. I mean I've seen a pic with him using what looked like the true fire rune. How did he get caught? Hardly anyone in the US played the gaidens. I've had the pleasure of seeing the intro's but that's it.

The fake flame champion is an ex Matilda white knight called Clant. He owns a Rage Rune, and has been using that to terrorize small villages. Because most people don't know much about runes, the villagers easily believed that the awesome power possessed by Clant was the True Fire Rune.

He wasn't really caught, he was killed by Camus and Miklotov in a fight.

Though two aren't together at the moment, is there anything stopping the Gate Runes from joining again in the future? The mechanics of the Gate Runes are different than that of the Beginning so I'm now sure if a joining is possible.

There is no official info concerning whether the split gate rune can be attached together again. However, based on the fact that Konami has previously stated Leknaat reclaimed the Front Gate Rune and had a "whole" Gate Rune, and only switched their story sometime around 2001, it can be assumed that the split runes can be combined again.

Why is it when The Rune of Beginning is split, Riou and Jowy don't get immortality, yet Leknaat and Windy with two aspects of the same rune do?

How does a rune split anyway?

Is it possible that the two gate runes are two separate true runes?

How it is explained by Konami is that the Black Sword and Bright Shield runes are not "halves" of the Beginning Rune, but instead components of the Beginning Rune. These two runes are completely dissimilar in property, and exist in that form ab originae. In their separate forms, they are not true runes.

The Gate Rune, on the other hand, was originally a whole rune. It was forcibly split by Windy and Leknaat using some secret method we have no clue about. The resulting halves of the Gate Rune have identical powers, and retain true rune properties but its power is weaker than a full true rune. Regardless, it provides agelessness.

We can compare this with making coffee. To make coffee, you need ground coffee beans and hot water. Once you mix the two together, you get coffee. If take half of that coffee away--pour half of it into another cup, you just get two 1/2 cups of coffee. You don't get hot water and ground coffee.

That's the difference between the Gate Rune and the Rune of the Beginning. The Gate Rune is already finished coffee, so splitting it only creates two identical runes. The Rune of the Beginning is a combination of the Black Sword Rune (ground coffee) and Bright Shield Rune (hot water). Thus, if the Rune of the Beginning is ever split by a powerful sorcerer, you'd get halves of the Rune of the Beginning instead of the Black Sword and the Bright Shield rune.

Did Seed and Culgan die?

Yes, Seed and Culgan did die. This was confirmed in one of the Genso Shinsyo where they had an article on the Highland Kingdom.

Is Queen from Suikoden 3 Jillia Blight from Suikoden 2?

I do not think Queen is Jillia Blight. That's just a thing I put on my site for laughs.

If True Runes have their own will is the Gate Rune aware that it's split..? Is it trying to get itself reassembled? And if it is aware which side has the "mind" or does each side have its own will? Will that result in schizophrenic Gate Rune if it's combines?

Not really a question but the more I think about Konami's statements about True Runes the more confused I get.

I am not sure what to say because there is no official information. I don't even know if a split Gate Rune has weaker will than a full one. It doesn't seem like it is trying to reassemble itself, as the two were separated for nearly 400 years, but that can also be caused due to the level of mastery the bearer has.

Also, if Windy is dead, one would assume the front gate rune would find its way back--but it didn't. This can mean that either Windy is alive, or it may not have the will to "regroup."

The "will" of true runes have never quite been explained in detail--but based on the Night Rune, we can assume they have full cognitive abilities (a psyche with an ego).

Hopefully we will know some day.

runes secret power, nor how to use it, does that mean he don't know how to access the runes fire power? In the strategy battle after you become FC, The FC doesn't use the true rune why? It should be a piece of cake.

Actually, the old Flame Champion blew up the Harmonian army because he lost control of his True Fire Rune in a fit of rage. However, it is probably true that Hugo has very little mastery over his rune--it usually takes decades--even centuries--to gain mastery over a true rune.

I read that Kreutz refers to his former master Geil Rugner as "Georg". Now, it seems ridiculous to even ask, but can this in any way be related to Georg Prime (who, if i remember correctly, did serve during that specific war as a Great General)?

Georg Prime actually fought against Geil Rugner during the succession War, so the two people can not be the same.

Many fans in Japan think Konami's explanation is bogus, and thinks it was simply a mistake by Konami.

How many Suikogaidens there are now and have you or anyone translated those?

There are two Suikogaidens, and the two are directly connected. No one has translated any of those, but has summaries about the plot.

I heard Lorelai and Killey was helping Georg when he killed Falena's queen. True or false?

Killey helped Georg kill the queen. I've never heard that Lorelai was involved though. Lorelai and Killey were rivals, and Lorelai once tricked Killey into being caught by the queen, forcing him to be imprisoned for 3 years.

I've been wondering, if Jowy or Riou should die accidentally or for whatever reason during their travels will the Rune of Beginning combine and make whoever survived the bearer or will the piece that lost it's bearer return to the shrine until the other dies?

That's an interesting question. Official info states that once Riou and Jowy die, the runes will return to the shrine--so I would assume one of the rune would have to wait.

In Suikoden III there's Mt.Hei-Tou. Is this a mistranslation of some sort because there's no mountain there.

The romanization is correct, so there is no error. The Japanese would mean "Mt. Flat Head" So perhaps the mountain is very flat (oxymoron?)

Is there any extra info about Lorelai and Killey? I'm very interested to know what they are looking for.

There's a couple of other info out there about the two, but I assume you want information concerning the BOTH of them. Lorelai and Killey have been rivals for a long time, mainly because Lorelai wants to find Sindar treasures, while Killey for some reason wants to stop her. Killey seems to be interested in protecting Sindar treasures from being found. We have no idea why he does this.

Have you ever thought that Pesmerga and Yuber could be soldiers from Aronia (or what the name was again)

I have thought of that a while back, but the problem is there is no information whatsoever about Aronia. With the fact that Pesmerga and Yuber are not human, and because they are important enough for the creator of the series to say "their conflict can not be resolved until Suikoden final," I would have to assume that they are not mere knights serving a nation, but an entity that is above and beyond human social structure.

I know that Joshua passed the Dragon Rune to Milia before S3 (is it 5 years before S3 or something?) but is Joshua officially announced to be dead now?

Nope, official word has not been made regarding whether Joshua is dead or alive. However, because the death of the Dragon Rune bearer would result in the death of all dragons, it is likely that some sort of ritual was performed to remove the rune. Joshua also had the rune for over 200 years, and we know that once a true rune is removed from a bearer who had it so long, they will soon die. Based on what we know about true runes, it is unlikely that Joshua is still alive. However, Konami has changed their story many times in the past, so until there is official word, who knows.

There's probably no way you can know this for sure, but...The resemblance Pesmerga and Yuber have with the enemies known as Mirages is quite striking. Doesn't this kinda give away they're merely ghostly beings from the other Realm (forgot its name)?

The resemblance is there, but there's no officially stated connection between these monsters and the black knights. However, the attack you see when you use the Eight Devil Rune looks similar to the attacks done by mirages (how they split into mirror images and attack). Also, Yuber is seen among monsters as the Ritual Site collapsed, and furthermore, Yuber is a summoned being, much like monsters that have to be summoned from the "World of Emptiness."

Since Pesmerga is tracking Yuber so relentlessly why didn't he appear in three when Yuber was as active in the war as he was?

There really is no answer to this question. However, Pesmerga isn't very good at tracking his target either. In Suikoden 1, he tries to find Yuber by waiting at Neclord Castle, assuming that Yuber must appear one day because he has worked with Neclord in the past.

In Suikoden 2, he decides to wait at the end of the Cave of the Wind where you found the Star Dragon Sword. He doesn't explain what made him think Yuber would drop by at that location, but it may have to do with the fact that the Star Dragon Sword has something to do with Neclord.

In Suikoden 3, there is nothing that connects Yuber with anyone that Pesmerga may know. Yuber also changed what he looks like, so it is possible that Pesmerga simply can not recognize him. If they have any sort of empathic link, Pesmerga should have had much greater success finding Yuber.

However, in the end, no one knows the answer to your question.

will Sasarai show up in Suikoden 4?

Anything can happen, but considering Sasarai was 32 years old in Suikoden 3, and Suikoden 4 takes place 168 years before Suikoden 3, it's doubtful unless--1) Sasarai travels time, or 2) Sasarai is faking his age.

Is there any in-depth (or any, period) information on Kirke apart from the simple explanation of him being an executioner at Lorimar, and following the war, a farmer (and, of course, giving his weapon to Lorelai)?

Unfortunately there's no information beyond what was mentioned.

Is there a connection between the bishop Sasarai mentioned in Suikoden 2 who gave The Blight's the beast rune hundreds of years ago and the current Sasarai who was born 30-some years ago?

In Suikoden 2, Luc tells you during the attack on Muse that the "High Priest Sasarai gave the Beast Rune to the Highland Kingdom." This is likely a mistake on Konami's part where they intended to say Hikusaak. Sasarai isn't a High Priest--he is a Bishop.

Is it possible Sasarai is Hikusaak's first name? Is it a translation error?

I would not know, because there is some precedence with Maximillian, where his grandson is Fred Maximillian.

Did the flame champion die right after sealing the rune? I thought he got to live with Sana for awhile? That's depressing.

He lived for a few years after the rune was removed.

I heard vampires can die, is that true?

Richmond does say that even vampires die with time, but with the exception of the coven mistress, Sierra.

If the Dragon Rune bearer dies and all the dragons also dies, can we assume that if the Blue Moon bearer perish, then all of the vampires also perish?

Although the description of the dragon rune specifically states that dragons will perish of the bearer dies, there is no such information concerning the Blue Moon Rune.

Also, dragons perish with the lack of the dragon rune because they are originally from a parallel universe where they can live without any help from a rune. However, in the default Suikoden world, they can not live without the power of the Dragon Rune.

Ok, I could have this all wrong, but wasn't Luc artificially created using the True Wind Rune? What about Sasarai? Was he created in a similar way using the True Earth Rune? Or is he a natural born person that Luc was cloned from?

Neither of them were created using true runes. They are clones of Hikusaak who were created using some secret "method" that only Hikusaak knew of.

Sasarai has brown hair. Aren't high ranking Harmonians supposed to have blonde hair?

That is correct. All first class citizens in Harmonia must have blonde hair and blue eyes. No reason is given why Sasarai doesn't fall under that category. It may be that bishops and other clergy are exempt from that rule.

Where does the info come from that they are clones of Hikusaak come from? All I remember from the game was that they were artificially created by Hikusaak but no specific mention that they were copies of him.

In the game itself actually, in chapter 6. Luc tells Sasarai that they are mere clones of Hikusaak. I am not sure how that translated to the NTSC version though.

What would happen if a true rune holder got their right hand cut off?

That's a very interesting question for which I have no answer. Tell you what, let me ask that question to Konami (Or to their Shinsyo staff) and see if they answer in their next publication (I highly doubt it).

So its 5 years before S3 that Joshua passed his rune to Milia?

We have no idea when this happened.

Those Black Runes Windy used on Kwanda and Milich, what exactly were they?

The Black Rune's official name is Conqueror Rune. Its power is pretty strange, and has never been explained fully, but here is what it does.

1) The bearer gains mastery over monsters, and can command them.
2) The bearer's mind gets taken over slowly by Windy.

Kwanda and Milich both got the rune from Windy. They used it to control and summon monsters, so the rune has obviously connections with the World of Emptiness--which would connect it with some ways with the Gate Rune. However, Windy is able to gain control over those who have this rune. I don't know how this is done--whether it is through Windy's massive sorcery, or through some "master" rune.

Windy used this rune to manipulate Ted as well.

This rune did not work on Barbarossa, however, because he had the Sovereign Rune, which shields its bearer from all magic/rune effects.

I heard that Leknaat keeps balance between dharma and chaos (true or false? let's say true for now) She let's war happen (chaos gets +1) but 108 stars stop enemy (chaos loses +1, so it tie now) Why didn't Leknaat then helped? And if she was (not those Magical Island parts) there, in the game, tell me. I don't remember.

Leknaat calls herself "Executor of Balance," but her role is ambiguous at best. It has never been clearly defined and she also seems to act according to her own priorities as well (such as her total inaction during the Second Fire Bringer War). I don't think I can give you a good answer without speculating

Is there any chance Chris from S3 might be Pilika from S2, Queen is Jillia and Jacques is Jowy/Jillias son?

Pilika's father is Marx, and her mom is Joanna. Chris's father is Wyatt Lightfellow, and mother is Anna Lightfellow. Also, Pilika has brown hair and brown eyes, Chris has silver hair and blue/purple eyes (I'm not sure which). Queen can't be Jillia because they are born in different locations, and Jacques can not be Jowy and Jillias son because that would beam Jowy and Jillia would have had to have children when they were less than 10 years old. No source "officially" states the above, obviously, but you can come to this conclusion using logic.

About Sara Blight's getting raped in front of his son, Luca Blight, don't you think that this is only Konami's trick to save Luca Blight's face? I've never read it before in Suikoden. Does it appear in Suikogaiden? If it doesn't then it is the Konami's trick.

Actually, this fact was stated in Suikogaiden Vol. 1, and Suikoden 2 stated that Luca and Jillia are only half-sister/brothers. The 108 characters guide, published a while after Suikoden 2 came out, had an interview with Murayama (the creator of the series), where he stated this back-story.

I have heard that after the Second Fire Bringer War, Chris participated in the Zexen-Tinto war. Was Zexen fighting against Tinto, or alongside them? If against them, are there any known reasons as to why they would fight after having fight side-by-side against Harmonia and the Destroyers?

Apparently the cause of the Zexen-Tinto War was due to a border dispute. Tinto is a very ambitious nation, so it's understandable.

Who are all of Crowley's known disciples? I know of Mazus, Piccolo, and Estella (or she could be lying about this just like everything else). Nevertheless, which one of these mages is the strongest and who won the fight between Mazus and Crowley?

The only confirmed disciple of Crowley is Mazus. Piccolo and Estella may be blowing smoke out of their backside, however, considering both of their magical skills, it may be true. The duel between Mazus and Crowley ended in a draw because both of them died in the process.

Is there any official information as to why the Howling Voice Guild was after Wyatt?

This was revealed in Suikoden 3, but they were after Wyatt's true rune.

Clive and Elza's story ends dramatically with Elza's death. Before she dies, she tells the story of the same thing happened in the duel between her and guild member and friend, Kelly. She said Kelly's guns had no rounds in them as was the case in her duel with Clive, but then she mocks him for believing her sad story and shoots her gun? If she had the chance, would she have shot Clive?

No, because Elza was looking for a place to die, and Sajah village, her home town, was the proper place for her. She was basically tired of running away constantly, and wished for Clive to end her life.

Were Watari & Ayame associated with Kage? Since Kage seemed to have been helping Highland during the Dunan Unification Wars and the organization Watari and Ayame work for is also called the Kage aka Black Wind, and Watari and Ayame were working for Highland during the High East Rebellion.

Yes, Kage is a Kage. No idea why the stupid translators translated the group's name as "Black Wind." The Kage are ninjas working for the Highland Kingdom.

When the people in the Suikoden world teleport, do they go through some type of dimension/realm or anything? Or do they like just dematerialize, and materialize where they are going?

Based on what we go through when Viki teleports us, it seems like teleportation is instantaneous.

Also, in Suikoden 3..(possible spoiler) Picking Hugo as Flame Champion gives Geddoes party to go up against Yuber at the end of Suiko 3, Yuber teleports before Geddoe is able to strike him, where exactly did he teleport to? Reason I ask is, I've read sources that said Yuber was seen amongst the monsters rising from destroyed ruins of the Sindar.

It seems like he just teleported a short distance away to escape, but I don't know where exactly he teleported to.

Another... exactly which is it? Cindar, Syndar, Cyndar, etc..

Sindar is used in Suikoden 2. Cyndar is used in Suikoden 3. It's an inconsistency in translation.

Does Yuber have a hatred towards True Rune Bearers? It seems that way to me, especially from his statement in Suikoden 2.

Yes, he says that he hates true runes a few times in Suikoden 3, and he says it once in Suikoden 2 at Greenhill.

I've heard Ayame is the daughter of Kasumi, any truth to that or just speculation because of their similar looks?

Kasumi would have had to given birth when she was 9 years old if Ayame were to be her daughter. Not only that, Ayame belongs to Kage, while Kasumi belongs to the ninjas of Rokkaku--the two are separate groups.

Is there a chance that a True Rune choose an animal aside from human, to be its bearer? (with exceptions in Yuber's case, which is neither human nor animal)

Seeing that True Runes can be attached to non-humans and even inanimate objects, animals are probably possible as well.

Konami still didn't confirm that True Runes can materialize in other things, like the case of the Zodiac Sword. Is it possible that the other True Runes can materialize also?

The Zodiac Sword is one case where a True Rune is said to taka the form of a sword, but otherwise there is not information on rules that may exist on how this can happen.

Konami still didn't confirm that True Runes can materialize in other things, like the case of the Zodiac Sword. Is it possible that the other True Runes can materialize also?

I've seen a lot of weapons in Suikoden named in French. Did Konami decided these names as a part of "medieval" touch to the game? And can we conclude that French language also existed in Suikoden world?

Suikoden uses names from many other languages--not only French. In fact, there are more weapons named in German compared to French, and many are named in Japanese. In Suikoden, some weapons are named in Indonesian (according to Genso Shinsho). Seeing that everyone in Suikoden can communicate with each other, it's unlikely that there are different languages.

Is there a chance that a child is born between Jowy and Jillia; thus adding it to Blight's legacy?

There is a chance that a child was made between Jowy and Jillia.

Barbarossa's true rune from Suikoden 1 was on his sword was it not? So the star dragon sword could and is no doubt the real thing. But Barbarossa was immortal. So why doesn't the Star Dragon Sword grant Immortality to its holder?

The Sovereign Rune was attached to the Dragon King Sword. It also DOES NOT grant immortality to its bearer. Otherwise, the Scarlet Moon Empire's emperor would still be Karnach Rugner, the original emperor who created the empire.

Similarly, the Star Dragon Sword does NOT grant immortality to its bearer.

Do Suikoden Merchandise sell well in Japan?

Not very well at all. They're only sold at select locations and even then, they are few in number.

Has it even said where Fuma got his training, or any back-story at all?

Unfortunately, there is no back-story whatsoever about Fuma. Developers have said that Fuma was added as a "different color version of Kage," so that shows what low importance he has.

What are the true runes that we've seen so far?

Beast Rune
Rune of the Beginning
Blue Moon Rune
Rune of Change
Circle Rune
Dragon Rune
Eightfold Rune
Gate Rune
Rune of Life & Death (Souleater)
Night Rune
Rune of Punishment
Sovereign Rune
True Earth Rune
True Fire Rune
True Lightning Rune
True Water Rune
True Wind Rune

*True Holy Rune is NOT a true rune.

You say Yuber teleported himself away after his defeat against Geddoe. I find that a bit odd actually, it seemed as if Yuber accepted his loss and the following strike by Geddoe's sword that would take his life. It came to me that he was being teleported by another person and had no saying in it himself.

It is stated in several game guides published by Konami that Yuber teleports away himself. To me, he looked like he did it himself though, because he looked up at Geddoe with an expression of anger.

I'm not totally sure, but I think you can't change your star of destiny, but in Suikoden 2, your choice between valeria and kasumi determines the star of destiny the divine spear guys daughter is, is that just a special case?

Nah, even then the star of destiny doesn't change. In fact, the above reinforces that fact because Konami went to lengths to make sure Valeria and Kasumi had the same star. As for Tomo, it would simply mean that she was destined to be that star for "that particular gameplay." A star of destiny isn't decided until the last minute--otherwise you won't have different people under the same stars depending on the conflict.

In Suikoden 1 and 2, when the 108 stars of destiny get together, Leknaat appears, and she revives Gremio. Then in part 2, Nanami survives. Could it be possible she brought someone back to life in 3 that we didn't know about? Can she even bring other people back to life?

The 108 stars only unlock Riou's 4th level spell. Nanami's survival has nothing to do with Leknaat. In Suikoden 1, Leknaat says that she can do this "only once." So you won't be seeing people come back to life willy-nilly a la Dragon Ball.

What made Luca blight so powerful, that hundreds of archers, 18 people, and a final duel was what it took to kill him? His Armor? A regular rune? something else?

Konami explains that he was just insanely powerful. The source of his power is purely from his body and determination and has nothing to do with armor, sword, runes, or even the Beast Rune. He was modeled after Xiang Yu, who is considered to be the strongest general in Chinese history (Many may ask why Lu Bu isn't considered as such, but he is moreso regarded as the greatest idiot/backstabber in the Han Dynasty).

In Suikoden 2, in the battle to take LRenouille Yuber exits nearly immediately. Seeing as he could only be summoned by Leon (Which is another question I hope is answered by the end of the Suikoden series...) did Leon intend for that to happen, so that Highland would fall (if it's not against the book to lose on purpose to win) or was it a coincidence, or perhaps an accident, that Yuber was hired for a while, but Leon thought Shu would lose earlier, thus only hired him for a little bit? Probably can only be a speculation on your part, but I figured I'd get an expert opinion.

Yuber helps out only if he is able to satisfy his goal of causing chaos and taking lives. He would be loyal to his summoner as long as he can continue to kill and destroy. However, if his employer is losing, he is unable to satisfy his own goals, so he would have no reason to stay with his master. Yuber explains this fact in Suikoden 3's Luc scenario.

What I remember, Scarlet Moon Empire was corrupted by Windys Black Runes, so in Suiko IV, they are not same as in Suiko1, ya?

Yes, Suikoden 4 takes place 150 years before Suikoden 1, so it is way before Windy has anything to do with the Scarlet Moon Empire.

On Suiko IV's map, I don't see anything which could be Harmonia's island or anything, so maybe Falena will take that role in Suiko IV?

Harmonia is far north of Toran, so they will be very far away from the Island Nations. I have no idea what role Falena would play, however, Falena has slavery just like Harmonia, so there are similarities.

Wakaba is from the Island Nations, isn't she? And maybe LCChan too?

No, Wakaba and Long Chan Chan are listed as being from the "Southlands." This can mean anywhere south of Dunan. They can be from Toran, the Island Nations, or from even further south--we just do not know.

If Leknaat could bring someone back from the dead only once, why the heck did she bring back Gremio, of all people? Don't get me wrong, he's one of my favorite characters ever, but even in the first game... you'd think Teo McDohl would be a more likely choice, being a great general who would be useful to their cause. Or Odessa, the original head of the Liberation Army, who would no doubt have raised everyone's spirits a great deal for the final battle...

Instead, Leknaat brings back a nervous, stuttering cook who's a mediocre fighter. ;) Granted, I always take him into the last battle (with the rest of the McDohl household), but from a logical standpoint, it doesn't make much sense.

This is simply because Gremio is a star of destiny, and the combined powers of the other 107 stars would only aid in his resurrection. This fact was alluded by Leknaat in the game--that there is one star missing, and that the prayers of the 107 other stars would bring him back.

s it possible Queen could be Stella from Suiko Gaiden 2? she'd be about the right age, and they both have braids in their hair.

No, because Queen is 31 years old at Suikoden 3, which means she was 16 during the time when Suikogaiden Vol. 2 took place. Stella is around 10 or 11 years old.

what exactly happens if you upload data from Suikoden 2 into the Suiko Gaidens?

You get extra scenes.

Are Pesmerga and Yuber the personification of Dharma and Chaos?

Maybe, maybe not. The day I know the answer to this would be when the final Suikoden is released.

was the ace Suikoden 2 demo released in Japan or America, and have you played it?

I don't know what an "ace Suikoden 2 demo" is.

Do you know how Viki got the Blinking Mirror?

No idea.

If Konami's stance on Gremio is that once he was resurrected his soul was returned to him (which would be why they would remove his sprite from the scene which they forgot to do). That being said has the soul eater lost power since Gremio's soul was "returned" to him?

Souleater is merely a nickname for the "Rune of Life and Death." The fact that Gremio died unlocked the rune's power. Him being resurrected won't reverse that effect, as seen by the fact that Tir was able to use all spells in Suikoden 2. Souleater doesn't actually "eat souls." The nickname came from its reputation of killing those close to the bearer.

Who is Tirs mother? Is it unknown or has Konami said who it is?

All we know about Tir's mother is that she died shortly after giving birth to Tir. No info about her name or anything else.

Are you sure that Luca blight was not modeled after Lu Bu? His betraying of his own father and his great reputation as being an incredible fighter kind of make it seem to me he was modeled after Lu Bu. That and his death is alike Lu Bu's as well, betrayed by his own men.

I am 100% sure Luca Blight is not modeled after Lu Bu whatsoever, mainly because Murayama himself said he is based on Xiang Yu. Xiang Yu has a greater reputation as a fighter, general, and a ruthless and treacherous leader compared to Lu Bu. Compared to Xiang Yu, Lu Bu is no match. You may need to read the Shi Zhi in order to understand how similar Luca Blight is to Xiang Yu. However, the death scene of Luca Blight is based on an episode where the legendary strategist Sun Pin traps and kills his rival Pang Chuan. In this episode, Sun Pin leaves a message on a tree on a route that he assumed Pang Chuan would use upon retreat. Pang Chuan used the route and found something written on the tree. However, it was dark, so he lit a torch. That became the signal for Sun Pin's archers to launch a volley of arrows, and Pang Chuan died.

In a personal note, people tend to give way too much credit to Lu Bu, especially in the USA because he has sort of become romanticized by the ROTK games and dynasty warriors. However, in the novel, he is described as a petty, ineffective leader who never really has his own land--but is more like a wandering bandit.

I have a question regarding Crowley and Mazus. Is there anything that mentions what becomes of Crowley or Mazus after Suikoden 1 or 2? I was always interested in the whole Crowley/Mazus thing but wondered if they may possibly return in future installments of Suikoden.

Nothing has been told of these two after their roles were done in the respective Suikoden installations.

And one final question, is it possible for one single person in the Suikoden world to hold all 27 True runes at once?

As far as I know, that is impossible. Basically, one person can have only one True Rune. That is why Hikusaak resorted to creating clones to use as "vessels" for True Runes, such as Luc and Sasarai. There is one exception however--Windy knew of a method that would have allowed her to bear two True Runes. Even then, she was rejected by the Souleater, so there are other factors. For one thing, true runes have their own goals and motivations--each true rune has their own agenda and they don't compromise very often (It took an entire war for the Rune of the Beginning to compromise with Riou and Jowy). One person having all true runes is highly unlikely.

Questions about Sasarai--
1.How old is he as I believe I've read several contradicting accounts.
2.As Hikusaak hasnt been seen is he the highest bishop in Harmonia and effectively in charge.
3.If based on his age he gave the beast rune to highland is he old enough to appear in Suikoden 4.
4.Or is he one of many Sasarai's.
5.Finally if and when a Suikoden game comes out were your based in Harmonia will Sasarai be the main enemy or one of the protagonists in your opinion.

1) Sasarai is 32 years old at the point of Suikoden 3.
2) Hikusaak still seems to dictate orders to Sasarai, but perhaps Sasarai is making things up. Because we have not seen any other Bishops doing much (with the exception of Luc), we may think he controls most things, but I am not sure if that is the truth. Suikoden 3 tended to leave out many details in their story-telling.
3) That was a mistake on Konami's part. They meant to say Hikusaak gave Highland the Beast Rune.
4) I don't know.
5) I have no idea. It can be both ways.

Japanese_Ghosts_and_Demons_Art_of_the_Supernatural_0807611263.php Nothing interesting? But this one line just got me thinking. "Each of the chapters is incredibly insightful, providing a complete education on the topic. Along with the traditional subjects such as the Oni, Ghosts and Tengu, there are many less-often covered subjects such as Sennin: The Immortals of Taoism and Shoki the Demon Queller." Could Yuber and Pesmerga be part of some kind of Taoism? Why not?

Yuber and Pesmerga does seem to mesh in well with Taoist ideas, because Taoism is heavily into dualism. We all know that Yuber seeks to increase chaos in the world, and hates order (Dharma). This goes well with Taoism's Tai Chi (commonly called the "yin yang symbol") where yin (darkness) and yang (light) chase after each other while having pieces of each other inside them. Also, while "eightfold" symbols in other religions, such as Buddhism seem to point towards order, Taoism has a symbol called the eightfold arrows of chaos, which seems to fit a lot better with Yuber. The number 8 is the highest yin numeral as well, while the number 9 is the highest yang numeral--which has made some speculate that Pesmerga may have a "ninefold rune" (pure speculation).

When luc fights the flame champion and loses and the building crumples he dies right? So what happens to the true wind run? Does Windy take it or does it fly away or something in search of someone else?

Luc actually dies before anything crushes him (if any, considering the ceremonial site was open-air). Officially, the True Wind Rune is considered to be lost. A Rune that has lost its bearer tends to disappear and lay dormant for years, decades, even centuries.

Okay, so, the boss of the Howling Voice Guide WAS Zaj, but he was killed by Nash in Suikogaiden 2 (correct?) and what I have heard, Clive became the leader now.

Nope, Zaj was never the boss of the HVG. He was a Squire Class Gunner. You'd have to be a Knight Class to become the Guild Master. The only Knight Class gunner at that time was Clive, and he was after Elza.

Did Viki Teleport with anyone at the end of Suikoden 3

All of the other character epilogue when you finish the game states that none of them ended up with Big Viki (Although Small Viki chased after her). On another note, we don't know if the Viki from Suikoden 4 comes from after Suikoden 3.

Is there any relation between Qlon the greeter and Qlon the temple?


I have a question about Pannu Yakuta. How did Kwanda and his soldiers get there? Since the Great Forest is under a spell, only an elf can lead humans through the forest. Kirkis leads McDohl's party through, and I assume Sylvina and Stallion lead Mathiu and the Liberation Army through after the 2 elves escape from Elf Village. But how did Kwanda and his soldiers get through?

That is a good question, for which I have no answer. Konami certainly never gave an answer. However, because the "Great Contract" that established the Forest of Illusion was created with the joint agreement of the four races in the Great Forest, certain members of the Scarlet Moon Empire may have had access.

The Opening Song of Suikogaiden Vol. 1 is in English, then there's also an acapella version (and it's cool!). So these are my questions:

1) What is the title of the Opening Song of Suikogaiden Vol. 1
2) Is it originally sung in Japanese?
3) Do you think there is a time that Konami thought of releasing this title in English based on the song?
4) It may sound a little awkward if the opening song of the game is English, but the contents is Japanese...

1) I believe it was called "Currents."
2) There's only one version and it is in English.
3) Nope.
4) It may sound a little awkward if the opening song of the game is English, but the contents is Japanese... Not strange at all, as the opening for Suikoden 2 was in classical Latin, Annalee's song was in Italian, and Suikoden 3's song was in a fabricated language. This is very common in Japan, where people are always interested in other cultures. Take "Secret of Mana" for example, where the opening song was in Swedish. People in Japan like to hear foreign words and foreign song, so there are many games that have foreign words and songs.

If Sasarai is Luc's elder brother and Luc is 32 how old is he exactly and as he mentions hes older than Dios from the Dios portrait he must be quite a bit older than 32.

Even if siblings are twins, one is usually chosen as an older or younger brother depending on which one was born first. A twin isn't born at the same time, they are merely conceived from the same egg (in the cases of homozygous twins, which we're talking about here). In the case of Sasarai and Luc, Sasarai was probably created first.

Ive noticed that Riou from Suikoden 2 is dressed almost exactly the same as Monkey from the 70s TV show, Monkey Magic. it seems too exact to be just a coincidence. do you know if Konami based Rious look on Monkey?

Yeah, Riou's appearance (mainly the circlet) is based on Sun Wukong (Son Goku/Monkey) from Xi You Ji (Journey to the West/Monkey Magic).

Are there any other examples of Suikoden characters being based on real people, in either looks or personality? i always thought Richmond was based on Colombo!

Colombo wasn't a real person, but Crowley is based on the British mystic, Aleister Crowley, and Mazus is based on the French mentor of Crowley, McGregor Mathers.

Will there ever be Suiko game where you don't rely on a Silverberg strategist.

I wouldn't know Konami's future plan, but it seems like the Silverberg family is a staple when it comes to being a Tenkai Star (with the exception of Shu, who was not Silverberg by blood, although he was a student of Mathiu).

Can a True Rune be destroyed?


If for some reason if one person could have more than one true rune could they use those true runes to create a whole new spell like in S2? Even though in S2 was only regular runes.

Rune unites was also possible in Suikoden 1, but was discontinued in Suikoden 3. I have no idea if this is possible with True Runes. The technique itself was developed by Crowley, who doesn't have a true rune.

Can a True Rune's power ever diminish over time or by any other way?

Not to my knowledge.

Why do you think Konami took away their cinematic scenes for SIII?

This is probably due to their budget and lack of expertise.

My strategy guide for Suikoden 2 lists Riou's age as "unknown." Is this still official, or does he have a birthday now?

His age is still officially unknown.

All of the heroes (except possibly for Geddoe, for whom we know little of his past) for the Suikoden games have either been orphans or have lost one of their parents. Is there some kind of tradition in Japanese culture that great heroes come from such circumstances, and is that one reason why the Suikoden heroes all fit that mode?

Heroes who don't have living parents is common in Japanese folklore, but the same can also be said in many other folklores, myths, and other stories elsewhere. Harry Potter, Conan the Barbarian, Anakin/Luke Skywalker are all examples of heroes without parents in recently created stories. In older legends, we can look at Oedipus from Greek mythology, Chu Chulainn from Irish mythology, and I am sure there are many more. This isn't an archetype peculiar to the Japanese culture.

Some questions about official names. I know the names on Hero 1 and 2 but I'm not sure about the official name of the Fire Hero and all the 3 castles. Could you help me with them?

None of them actually have official names. Novels have used Tir and Riou as the names for their heroes, but Konami states that those are the names for "the novels only." There are no official names for castles and army names, either.

Where is the Blue Moon Village and Village of the Hidden Rune located?

No idea where those two are located.

We know Riou, Nanami, and Jowy trained under Master Genkaku in their childhood ages. Observing the techniques of the three, can we say that Genkaku's martial arts discipline is Wushu, the art of using weapons?

I don't think so, as there are many other martial arts disciplines that use weapons. In fact, the Tonfa is exclusively used in martial arts developed or adapted in Okinawa, and is not used in mainland China.

I know that the Gate Rune Clan called each other siblings (not necessary related by blood), so does Konami ever state that Leknaat and Windy are not related by blood at all, or is it more like "maybe they are sisters, maybe they are not"?

Konami has clearly stated that Windy and Leknaat are not related at all. They are simply clan-sisters.

Is there any additional information on Leona not found in SII? I always found her interesting.

There really isn't much other than how she knew Viktor from before, and decided to join Viktor's mercenaries because it would be good business considering how the soldiers ate a lot. She's also good at cooking appetizers.

What's the deal on Millie, is she really a powerful sorceress or what?

She is a total mystery, but she is the only character with master-level affinity towards the Blue Gate Rune.

Jillia and Agares's relationship

Although Jillia loved Agares as a father, it is said that Agares pretty much ignored her due to her being a constant reminder of his own cowardice.

Is Hikusaak considered the very first Tenkai Star?

No word is given on whether Hikusaak's "Hero War" was a gathering of the 108 stars.

On Tomo, is there any information on her mother?

All that's known is that she wasn't in good terms with Tsai because he was obsessed with his spears, and that they got together after Tomo came to bring Tsai back.

How many other 108 SoD gatherings have there been besides the ones in 1, 2 & 3? If there are others then who were the other Tenkai stars? Returning stars from other gatherings?

None that I know of.

What happened to Pahn & Cleo between S1's aftermath & meeting them in S2? I mean, Gremio went along with Tir on his journey right? Did Pahn just eat food & fight while Cleo uh... What does she do?

Pahn was also on a journey, and he happened to have retuned just as you visited the household. Cleo manages the McDohl manor while Tir is gone.

Is it safe to speculate that the Blue/Pale Gate runes are born from Windy & Leknaat's Gate runes? If so, then do their runes also have some sort of summoning power?

Yeah, the Blue Gate rune is a manifestation of the Gate Rune. The Gate rune does have summoning powers, as demonstrated by Windy.

How exactly is a rune born/made? I know that all runes are born from the 27 True runes so how & where do shops and characters get them? From monsters? How did the monsters get them? What about command runes like the Viper rune? From which of the true runes are they born from? Are those manufactured?

The exact nature of runes is not very clearly defined, but they seem to be found in crystal form naturally--inside the earth, at the bottom of the sea/rivers/lakes, inside mountains, on the ground, or sometimes people are born with them. I'm not sure how command runes fit into this, such as character-specific runes like "White Tiger" and "Spider Slay" runes which seem more like an ability.

With respect to gordon in S2 and S3 i understand there the different characters any idea why Konami gave them the same star.

The Chikou star has to do with merchants, and that's why we have Chandler, Gordon, and Gordon for that star. As for why Konami chose the same name for two different people, no reason is given--but they are separate people.

Any chance well see a member of the howling voice guild in S4 Im not entirely sure of the time scales. Were they around 150 years ago i know its far away but it would be nice.

We don't know when the Howling Voice Guild started, but based on the sophistication of their rituals and organization of the guild, I assume it existed around the year 300, which is roughly when Suikoden 4 takes place. I think there is a chance, although it would be a low possibility given the geographical distance.

Looking at lifespans and people who own true runes is there anyone we could expect to see to your knowledge in s4 other than the one ones we know this is purely speculation but Im just wondering if its feasible for that anybody would have been alive at that time.

The ones who are capable of appearing in Suikoden 4 purely based on lifespan are--Sierra, Star Dragon Sword, Rean Penenberg, Hikusaak, Neclord, Yuber, Windy, Leknaat, Joshua Levenheit, and Sigfried. I'm sure I missed a few, but those people were alive 150 years ago.

Im aware that elves live about as long as humans in Suikoden but what about dwarves.

Elves live 1.5 times longer than humans, while dwarves live 1.7 times longer than humans--in the Suikoden world.

This will sound silly but are these three related in anyway Vincent, Augustine and Milich?


Is lepant still in charge of The Toran republic at the time of S3.

Yes he is, although a few of the generals have retired since.

I just started re-playing Suikoden 1 and at the beginning of the game, Ted tells the hero that he was an orphan adopted by Teo. What's the story behind that and what is their relationship other than Ted being adopted by Teo.

Teo found Ted wandering around a battlefield and invited him to stay at their household. He was not adopted by Teo though. Ted actually chose to live in a separate house outside the McDohl manor, but he joined the McDohls in dinner, etc. He was a good friend of Tir McDohl, but that's about as far as it went.

Based on the S2 walkthroughs I read, Why couldn't Riou exit Gregminster freely (if he did he could go to Rockland, Lenankamp, or Sarady or etc...)? Is Toran on Red alert or something that Varkas has to escort people?

Because Riou represents Dunan, which is traditionally an enemy of Toran (They just had a war 2 years ago).

Where were the generals ( for example, Sonya, Milich, Kwanda, Kasim, and Camille(?) ) when Riou is visiting or stopping by in Gregminster during Suikoden 2?

Protecting their respective domains and doing their own business. Milich, by the way, is not a general in the Toran Republic.

Do you think Luca Blight could defeat Neclord or could Neclord defeat him?

Luca Blight would be incapable of defeating Neclord because he doesn't have the Star Dragon Sword.

I read something on the net about extra scenes? Do you know the extra scenes that happen in Suikoden 1 when you take Meg to a certain house in Lenankamp, Flik to a house in Warriors Village, and Clive to a grave in Rockland?

Yeah, it just gives you extra lines from those characters, which reveals a small bit more about those characters. There's also another scene if you take Krin to one of the people in Lenankamp.

How did Muto get that big ol' scar on his head. Something fall on him while he was workin those shelves?

Nah, he was abused when he was small.

How come in S1, on the mission to Moravia castle, Mathiu, Viktor, Lepant (not sure) and a few other stars disappear from the Stars list? Is that some sort of bug?

That is because they're on their respective missions and you can not select them. Mathiu is leading troops elsewhere, Viktor is captured, and others are also elsewhere. In Suikoden 1, stars that are on their own missions temporarily disappear from the tablet of promise.

Is it possible for more than one group of Stars of Destiny to gather and even fight each other for that matter? Incase you haven't figured it out, I am referencing Riou and Jowy.

If we base it on strictly Shui Hu Zhuan (original novel), it is impossible to have two different stars of destiny, because there's only one star for each person at a given time. However, I can not tell what Konami might come up with.

What's the deal with the infamous Schtolteheim Reinbach III? I have a feeling a lot of people wanna find out.

Schtolteheim Reinbach III was a folklore hero in the Dunan region. Viktor uses this because he's from Dunan, and Riou probably knew of it because he grew up under Genkaku, a Dunan hero. I have no idea how Chris knew the name, but she's highly educated, so she probably learned about the folklore. No specifics about the folklore has been spoken.

If Hikusaak possesses the Circle Rune which is of Order and Stagnation, then would the Rune of Change be of Chaos and ________?

No idea. We don't even know if the rune of change represents chaos. All we know is that it represents "change." Although chaos and change are similar, there are differences in that change can be controlled, but chaos can not be controlled at all.

Also, a while back on this message board or somewhere else, I read about people in Suikoden 4 that has some strange symbols on their foreheads, and that they may have some connection of the Sindar race. Any information on that?

No information whatsoever. Jewel, who is a member of the Marine Knights, also has the same symbol in her forehead (not her cheek, as some have stated).

Why does Tai Ho avoid Kimberly?

Probably because he isn't attracted to her, and she gets in his carefree way of life.

I heard a rumor about some special rune that Sanae Y's family handed down in their generations? Have you heard anything similar to it? I think it had something to do w/ Beef and Potatoes.

Nope, although their nikujaga (Japanese beef and potato dish) recipe has been passed on from Yoshino to Sanae.

What exactly is Qlon Temple? Is it like a prison or something for people who committed crimes? DO you think if Luc survived in 3, he could have gone there?

It is a place for meditation and reflection, and for some a place to atone for their sins. It isn't a prison. Luc probably won't go there if he would have survived.

Has news of Luc's death reached as far as Toran and Dunan?

No idea. He is relatively minor in history, so people probably won't know, or care for that matter.

Would it have been possible for Luc to use the same technique that the "Flame Champion" used to separate himself from the True Fire Rune?

This would not have been possible, because the True Wind Rune was attached to Luc in a way that it was inseparable from him. Luc describes it has being intertwined with his soul.

Windy knew of a technique that allowed her to use two True Runes; why is it no one else knows of such a technique? I mean, Windy knew it, and Hikusaak doesn't even know it. Windy must be quite the smart woman.

Yeah, she must be. She is a sorceress with exceptional skill, and has been alive for 300 years purely for revenge.

I can't quite remember, and my copy of Suikoden 1 doesn't play anymore. :( But, why does Barbarossa allow the war to go on for so long? I know it has something to do with Windy's resemblance to Claudia, his late wife, but why would that cause him to allow the war to continue?

That's a good question. It may be because he really didn't care at all about his empire, or he may have just wanted the empire to end. The loss of Claudia really destroyed Barbarossa.

I don't think this question has been asked; the Silverbergs seem to always play a pivotal role in wars within the Suikoden world, is it possible that they used to contain/hold some True Rune that has yet to be revealed? I mean, come on; after all, one single name being able to move nations like it does.

There is always a possibility of such things, but there have been no indication that the Silverberg family has some sort of "strategist rune."

Sasarai, since he is exactly the same as Luc in the aspect of being cloned by Hikusaak, and having basically the same attributes, since he houses the True Earth Rune, is it possible for him to also possess the True Wind Rune at the same time?

No, because Sasarai was "cultivated" around the True Earth Rune--he was created for the True Earth Rune. Furthermore, one person can not possess more than one True Rune.

Due to the rushed production of Suikoden 2, there are garbled character occurred when you talk with Lilly and Gustav at Tinto (also when you talk to a man in Forest Village that gives you an information/hint). Did you got a chance to translate it (even though it's just minor statements)?

I've translated those before, but it's a long time ago. Lilly says something along the lines of how she loves her dad. The informers say different things every time, such as "I heard there's a shortage of candles in the Highway Village."

Also in the first Suikoden, there is an inaccessible room at one of the inn where you can't enter, and I've read something that there's something inside of it in the Japanese version, while it is removed in the international version. What's in it? Is it like the room with goodies in Suiko 2 where the only way to go there is when Viki messed up with her teleportation?

That room is not accessible in the Japanese version as well. Apparently, the room was never created due to the whole idea of a 2nd floor being axed.

I've visited the Konami TYO main site in the past, and I've saw the ad for Suikoden I for PC before. Is it available today?

They do not make those anymore (Games are usually batch produced, and no further copes are typically made unless there's extreme demand). I'm sure most computer software outlets do not have it by now, it's a rather old title.

Are there any known encounters between Ted and Windy in-between the original encounter and her finding him again in Gregminster where she caught up with him? Or was this the first time he had seen her again since?

Yes, that was the first time the two met since 300 years ago. That's why Ted didn't remember her right away.

Was Windy chasing Ted and the Rune of Life and Death in specific or merely was looking for any True Rune to add to her own?

She was specifically looking for the Rune of Life and Death.

When it comes to Rune affinities/skills, if Luc and Sasarai are clones, why would they not have the same skills with the same Runes? How do you think Rune affinities are based? It is personality, genetics or some other factor?

Luc and Sasarai are clones, but they are customized for their respective runes. For that reason, they are not identical clones--as such, their skills are different as you have mentioned. Luc is a stronger mage than Sasarai, possibly because Leknaat probably taught him a lot about magic. Even if Sasarai had a good master, his master's skill would be inferior to Leknaats by virtue of the fact that Leknaat was able to break into the Circle Palace as she wishes, taking Luc and Sarah away as she wished, unhindered by any type of magical ward. Leknaat's magical wards have made her undetectable to all others.

Affinity seems to be something that can not be trained based on the act that it never changes during the game (in Suikoden 2 and Suikoden 3), and you see young people with no magical training who have high affinity, while some older folks with magical training are seen with poor affinity towards some elements.

Also, other than an S in Pale Gate, what skills do you think Leknaat would have if she were a playable character? Would she be a better mage than even Luc?

I am sure she would be very high in Magic Reflect, because her defensive magic skills seem to be quite up there. I don't see her being very good at direct offense magic though, such as fire and lightning. I can picture her being good at water and earth runes.

Any info on Suikoden 2's status change effects? So many of 'em and i can't seem to pinpoint what they do.

An excellent guide with pictures exists in Suikosource written by a retired staff (Checco). The URL is--

Blue Moon, you used "he" when you are referring to Branky in your Suikosource character list, but in the game I think Branky was referred to as a "she" several times.

Branky actually has no sex, as it is a puppet. However, it speaks using the masculine form of the Japanese language, so it is assumed to be role-played as male. It is never referred in the Japanese version as male or female because the language doesn't require it. I'm not sure how the translators determined Branky is a she, because there's nothing about it that suggests it being female.

Could you possibly list ALL the differences between the Saturn version of Suikoden and the Playstation version?

Look at the following URL for the information you seek.

What significance does Sigfried have and how old is he?

Sigfried was born in the year 291, which would make him 184 years old at the time of Suikoden 3. He can live that long because he is a unicorn--both because of the power of a true rune. He doesn't have much significance in the Suikoden world to speak of--but that depends on what you mean by "significance."

What does the Rune of Punishment do?

Besides the fact that the Rune of Punishment symbolizes forgiveness and atonement, and how it sucks the life of its bearer every time its powers are used, not much is known about this rune yet. Once the game is released in Japan in August 19th, 2004, we would know.

how did piccolo get the mallet rune.

I have no idea. No source has explained this. I actually wonder where Kenji got his full moon rune, and how it actually works.

who is the official '2nd Flame Champion'? It would make the most sense for Hugo, but I dunno.

It is "officially" Hugo, because the rune went to Hugo in the manga, and when characters are shown with true runes, Hugo is always shown with the True Fire Rune--even on Konami's site. However, Konami has never outright said, "This is official." I doubt they never will.

What happened to Leon Silverberg when LRenouille collapsed?

L'Renouille actually didn't collapse. It just shook very violently. However, Leon Silverberg escaped, and at the time of Suikoden 3, he lived in a small village in Toran (probably Kalekka, but that's just an assumption).

How did Geddoe seal the True Lightning Rune in himself?

This is yet unknown. He may have simply kept it hidden under his glove and made sure he never used it--because he would have been detected if he used the rune.

Is it possible that Pesmerga and Yuber are two parts of one entity, like Ryu/Fou-Lu from BOF4? I first thought this in S3 when I saw that Yuber's weapon was also called "King Crimson"

Both Yuber and Pesmerga are users of the "Crimson Sword," a type of sword imbued with runic power. Thus, although their weapons seem to tell us the two come from a similar background, it doesn't quite mount up as being proof to them being "two parts of a whole." I am cautious with this theory, because they did something quite similar with Luc and Sasarai in Suikoden 3.

How Nanami escape in the castle without noticing everyone (only Shu and Dr. Huan knows it in the game) when she returning to Kyaro(after Matilda's liberated)?? Do you think theres a connection when Viktor or Flik ask that "he have a place to go back" in the ending??

There actually isn't any official explanation as to how Nanami escaped. Personally, I felt that scene was odd because there wasn't even a funeral. Not even a tombstone in the graveyard (that was not used very much at all). Perhaps Viktor and Flik knew something? But the only answer I can give with certainty is that we do not know.

Why IS Thomas the Tenkai Star?

Most probably because he is the lord of the castle. Also, he is the closest to the Tenkai star in the original Chinese novel--Shui Hu Zhuan--where the Tenkai star, Song Jiang, was not really a warrior but instead just an overall "nice guy."

Does the sealing of a True Rune as difficult as breaking it's seal? Or is it easier than breaking?

Sealing seems to be a lot more difficult compared to breaking, as long as you know the proper procedures to break the seal.

Is the complete true rune displays much more power than half true runes? I thought of it while comparing the other rune bearers in the case of half true runes of Riou and Jowy.

Yes, complete true runes have greater power than half true runes. This can be seen when Leknaat tries to stop Luc with her front half of the Gate Rune. Luc says, "You can't stop me with your half-rune," or something.

In Suikoden III, we heard Luc said it's not necessary to sacrifice a life in order to break the seal of a True Rune (specifically the case of Yun). Does it mean that the power of another True Rune can break the seal?


Why was Sarah in the Circle Palace and why did Leknaat take her?

She was in the circle palace because she had amazing magical powers which people wanted to exploit, but after a while her power became feared--she was instead imprisoned.

How did Luc end up with Leknaat?

Leknaat came to the temple and took him away, as Sasarai says.

When Luc stole the True Runes, why couldn't the users that had theirs for a long time(Sasarai, Geddoe) give their runes commands like Ted did with Souleater?

Because Luc had greater power over their true runes due to him having the backing of more than one true rune. Windy had no true rune to harness power from, so she was unable to counter Ted's commands to the Souleater.

Is there any info on Sierra before she became a vampire?


Why did it nearly kill Jowy to keep the Beast Rune sealed with the Black Sword?

Because the black sword sucks life out of its bearer as the more its power is used and the longer the bearer avoids conflict with the bearer of the Bright Shield Rune.

Hey BM, how did Leknaat get Luc out of the circle palace and same with how did she get Sarah out? Is she so powerful that she can over come Hikusaak's guards?

There's no explanation, but I assume she just teleported in and teleported out like she always does.

Say it's possible to equip another rune on Pesmerga... Along with the double-beat rune, Would it be better to give him a warrior rune than a double-strike rune? Seeing as how his defense is top-notch, I think that he would benefit more with a warrior rune in spite of the loss in defense, ya?

The STR bonus you will get from the warrior rune will not match the amount of increase you can get from a double-strike rune, even if Pesmerga has very high DEF. If Pesmerga has 200 STR and maxed weapon strength, he'd have around 370 or so attack power (I don't have the actual data with me now, so this is hypothetical). Double strike would double that (I don't think it was 1.5 times in Suikoden 2), making his attack power 740. The Warrior Rune, if Pesmerga has a DEF of 200, would cut his DEF to 100. The rune would add a half of the *REDUCED AMOUNT OF DEF* to Pesmerga's STR< which would be 50. This would give Pesmerga a STR of 250, coupled with maxed weapon strength, his attack would be around 420. Of course, the main problem you will have is that pesmerga only has one free rune slot.

I noticed that in Suikoden 3, just about every character who was the child or grandchild of a previous star shared that same star when possible, except for Sanae Y. Is there any particular reason why she was not under either Freed Y or Yoshino's star?

That is because the Tenbou and Tenkoku star was given to Hsieh Chen and Hsieh Pao in Shui Hu Zhuan, powerful brothers who fought together throughout the novel and died together in battle. They are often regarded as inseparable "soul mates." This is why these stars are given to Varkas and Sydonia in Suikoden 1, and Freed and Yoshino in Suikoden 2. I have no idea why these stars are given to Scott and Ernie in Suikoden 3, as the two have nothing to do with each other--probably because they just needed any open star. That's likely what happened to Sanae, because her star has to do with gardening in the Shui Hu Zhuan, which was only correctly held by Zen in Suikoden 1. Neither Bob nor Sanae has anything to do with gardening.

If you take Eileen, but not Lepant, to recruit Sheena in Seika, does Eileen have any extra dialogue with her son.

Only Lepant can recruit Sheena, and there is no extra dialogue if you bring her along.

Was Neclord in alliance with Highland during Suikoden 2?


I don't know if you can't answer this or not, but is Ronnie Bell is as good as Emily in Suikoden 1?

Not nearly as good as Emily, but it's a different combat system. Direct attack was significantly weaker in Suikoden 1 compared to runic spells. In Suikoden 3, physical attacks often did a lot more damage against a single opponent.

Is there any explanation on what happened to Joshua?


Has Valeria and Anita met each other before the Gate Rune Wars?

Yep, they trained under the same master, Roundier Haia.

Can you go to the place where you fought Barbarossa in Suikoden 2?


Whatever happened to Giovanni, Lepant's butler? How come he's not there, but Tesla is there instead?

Giovanni owns his own business now. Tesla is there because he is the secretary of the republic. He's good at that stuff.

Is there anyone living at Lepant's home now.

Giovanni might be living there, but Lepant and Eileen won't be living there.

I hope this isn't a silly question, but what do you think Nina is still waiting for Flik when Suikoden 3 is taking place?

I doubt it.

Is Shin in Suikogaiden?

Shin appears in Suikogaiden Vol.1 when Nash is in Greenhill. There, Nash helps out in the defense of the city, and Shin aids him. When Nash charges into Rowd's camp, Shin helps him fight off Howling Voice Guild agents. Nothing is mentioned about where he goes after leaving Greenhill.

When did Maximillian die?

The exact year of his death hasn't been mentioned.

Also I was wondering if there was any other characters who appeared in previous games who have been announced as having died after the games.

None that I know of.

How did Kilawher Shulen die?

No official account has been disclosed on her year of death.

How did Crowley and Mazus fight before they were born?

Konami has never stated how this is possible, but many speculate they reincarnated using some sort of spell.

Why did Georg and Killey assassinate the Queen of Falena?

No idea why, but seeing that Falena is a nation that has gladiators, slaves, and "queen's assassins," one can imagine the queen may be evil.

If they ever dueled, would Luca Blight be a match for Georg?

It's hard to say, as Georg has been termed as the "best swordsman" while Luca has been termed as "the most powerful human" by Konami. I would like Georg to win because I like him more than Luca.

Why does Yuber never fight himself in Suikoden 1 and 2, but is always eager to fight in Suikoden 3?

Because the people who were his "master" in Suikoden 1 (Windy) and Suikoden 2 (Leon Silverberg) didn't allow him to fight as he wished. In Suikoden 3, Luc gave Yuber plenty of chance to fight.

When you go to Gregminster in Suikoden II you are given the choice of Valeria or Kasumi (Cant remember spelling), does the story change a little with this choice or not?

Also are you able to get Mondo and Sasarai i think his name I dont remember if you chose Valeria? Mondo and Sasuke can be recruited even if you choose Valeria (although Kasumi would allow you to recruit them earlier). The story doesn't change at all.

Are there any characters apart from Killey and Yuber that fight with two swords in the current Suikoden?

Killey officially uses twin clubs, just like Khan Marley. The only character other than Yuber who wields swords in both hands is Nash Latkje, who has sealed his sword at the end of Suikogaiden Vol.2.

Was it ever "official" that Tir & Riou met in S2?


Did Wakaba ever beat a bear with her bare hands?

It's her goal, but we don't know if she ever did.

If Pahn & Rikimaru fought each other in an eating contest, Who do you think would win?

I don't know.

Any advice on catching salmon in the fishing game in S2?

You need to have caught a lot of the other fish first before you can have a chance at salmon.

was that guy in Suikoden III that you had to pay his debt(like Rikimaru) looking for Rikimaru?

I doubt it, because Rikimaru was on a journey to avenge his loved ones, while Wan Fu was also on a journey to avenge his loved ones.

Is anyone besides Kasim Hazil remotely as powerful as Georg Prime?

Any character who is said to be a master swordsman can possibly be nearly as powerful as Georg Prime--plot-wise, that is. In-game, Killey and Sheena can easily become more powerful than Georg, who has only one rune slot. As far as the plot goes, people like Shin, Genshu can possibly be nearly as good as Georg.

The skill and power of Georg can be recalled from Suikogaiden Vol.1, where he easily defeats Howling Voice Guild agents who were giving Nash (using his dual-snake sword) a difficult time . Considering the fact that Nash was able to effectively fight off Seed and Culgan single-handedly, one can probably assume the magnitude of Georg's skill.

Can the Beast Rune have an actual master, someone that would wear it on his/her right hand?

Any rune can be attached to a living bearer, but the Beast rune seems to be particularly picky about who can be its bearer. It has attached itself to a palace for centuries.

Is Crowley better than magic than Luc? Sasarai? Leknaat? Windy?

In terms of magic power, he is better than Luc and Sasarai. I am not sure if he is better than Windy or Leknaat because there is no data about those two. However, plot-wise, Crowley may be better than them as well. His focus has been to gain true rune-like powers without the use of true runes, and some suspect he knows how to reincarnate. He has done a lot of research into sorcery, and would definitely have more theoretical knowledge than most of the people you mention with the exception of Windy. Windy has done a lot of research into sorcery as well, and she has been around for quite a while. She can possibly be better than Crowley.

How come Luc can only tap into his True Wind Rune's power once in S2 but anytime in S3?

This is because his mastery over his True Wind Rune was not quite p there, and also because he didn't like using it.

Exactly when did Luc find out about himself and Sasarai being clones, and that he possessed the True Wind Rune?

I don't know for sure, although I think I may have read about this somewhere. He would have known by Suikoden 2, because he obviously knows Sasarai when he faces him in the battlefield.

If Jowy wanted Luca dead, why didn't he use the Black Sword to kill him?

Then he would just be a guy who murdered the king, and won't be able to become the king afterwards. It's the same reason why Luca didn't murder Agares with a sword, which would have been easier. So the method was driven politically.

Do all True Runes have a Rincar dwelling in them? Like the Wind and Fire Rincars in Suikoden III?

I would like toe clarify, that "rincar" is simply short for "Rune Incarnation." Those beasts were simply incarnation of the true runes. True runes can be incarnated in various different forms. For example, the Star Dragon Sword calls himself "an incarnation of the Night Rune." The Darkness rune is described as the "incarnation of the rune of life and death (Souleater)." Similarly, the Blue Gate Rune is described as the "incarnation of the Gate Rune." In Suikoden 2, we face the golden wolves in Muse towards the end of the game. Those are also incarnations of the Beast Rune. Even a rage rune or a fire rune is an incarnation of the True Fire Rune. So yes, most all True Runes would have incarnations of themselves.

When Nash poisoned Seed with Grosser Fluss, how did Culgan beat him and get the antidote if Nash was able to beat both of them? Does Nash always carry an antidote?

Nash didn't beat both of them. He beat Seed, but at the same moment, Culgan put his sword to Nash's neck. Then, Nash gave Culgan the antidote in exchange for being left alone by the two.

Why didn't Harmonia's forces return after Luc blew them away?

Because they were wiped out, save Sasarai's unit, which teleported away. Blew them away = wiped out, basically.

Is Viktor really strong at all? He never does anything exceptional without the Zodiac Sword, and even with, he only kills Neclord.

Yeah, he is considered to be very strong. However, he is noted more as being a cunning, wily warrior instead of being the type that relies solely on his skill and power.

Why is Ayame chasing Watari? They seem to have a weird friendship(or the closest thing that most ninjas have to friends) did they have a serious relationship.

Because Watari betrayed the code of the Kage (their clan) through his loyalty to a "woman." Ayame is ordered to execute him.

This is going out on a limb, but if Leknaat could heal Jowy so easily, why didn't she restore her eyesight? Or ask Riou to heal her eyes with the Bright Shield?

Leknaat didn't heal Jowy. In was the power of the Rune of the Beginning that healed him.

In the Suikoden II novel, did Valeria or Kasumi join? And which of the monsters joined?

Riou actually doesn't go recruiting characters in the novel at all--people are simply mentioned in passing. Both Kasumi and Valeria are mentioned in the novel, but have no major role.

Does the Flame Champion have an "official" name through the manga?

No, or not yet, at least.

Is Barbarossa immortal?

No. The Sovereign Rune is attached onto the Dragon King Sword and can not be removed, and because of that, Barbarossa doesn't have the gift of agelessness. However, he benefits from the rune canceling all magic attacks.

If the sword actually granted agelessness, the Scarlet Moon Empire would have had the same leader since the beginning of the empire--Kranach Rugner the Scarlet Moon Knight--who stole the Sovereign Rune from Harmonia.

Tir's Soul Eater is really called the Rune of Life & Death right? I fail to see any LIFE powers it has... Why is this so?

There has been no official explanation about this.

I have read from somewhere that Ted was married. (anymore information on that?)

An episode written in the Suikoden Parody Comics (which has non-parody material in it, ironically) contained a story on how Ted used to be married in the past. There isn't much else known about him.

The Beast Rune wasn't stolen, it decided to move on its own, which makes you wonder why no other rune wanders around on its own? I mean the SDS complains that he was left in the Cave of the Wind but he really should have been able to get out of there if he wanted to, no?

Yeah, seeing that he has the ability to levitate and send other people 300 years back in time to another location, he should have the ability to move and teleport at will. He probably chooses to stay in one place or something. Officially, true runes are said to teleport away once their bearer dies, so they do possess methods to move elsewhere--although it seems to be used quite sparingly.

My question is though, When you first recruit Hellion she says something about also having to bear the responsibility of magic or something (I just played it again too and I still can't remember the exact phrase) I was just wondering what she might be talking about? Is it that the mirror or the fact that she's a seer? Or maybe some other unknown power?

Well, she is one hell of a magic-user, which is certainly a huge responsibility to bear. Thats most likely all that she is talking about, as she is not a bearer of a True Rune or anything spectacular like that.

Is the True Water and True Lightning originally from Harmonia too?

True Lightning existed in the Grasslands based on the manga, but in Suikoden 3, Geddoe says that his homeland was destroyed by Harmonia, and all he was left with was his True Rune. Combining both theories, Geddoe may have received the True Rune in an area in the Grassland that was conquered by Harmonia before the 1st Fire Bringer War (which was an uprising against Harmonia who had about half of the Grassland under control). So the True Thunder Rune was not originally from Harmonia. The True Water Rune was probably not in Harmonia as well, seeing that Wyatt Lightfellow--a warrior of Zexen origin--had it.

Is the parody comic piece make "Ted was married" and official info then?

Seeing that the other story in the same publication, a story detailing Odessa's previous engagement and marriage with Achilles, is official information now, one can say that Ted's marriage is also official. However, this has never been mentioned in other publications unlike Odessas marriage, which has been mentioned in the Suikoden encyclopedia.

Were Barbarossa and Windy ever classified as dead? I heard you stated they are "MIA" now, along with the Sovereign Rune.

Yeah, originally they were classified as dead, and Leknaat was supposed to have fixed the Gate Rune. However, this was changed sometime around the year 2000. Now both Barbarossa and Windy and their runes are classified as "missing." Milich basically guards an empty grave.

When Futch rejoined the Dragon Knights, did he restart from the lowest rank?

Yes, because when he left the dragon knights he was the lowest rank--9th Tier Dragon Knight Apprentice.

Is Banner Village and the Banner Pass is in the Toran Republic or in Dunan?

Banner Village is a part of Dunan. The Banner Pass is sort of in the middle, and doesn't quite belong to either. It is somewhat autonomous, which is why the Ninjas live there.

So what happened to that Council guy who was harassing Thomas? What is his fate now?

He was arrested and removed from office by Salome.

When you investigate Elza's decoy in S1, is Clive convinced then she's dead or not?

He sees through the decoy and shows anger towards her for using such a cheap trick to mislead him.

Why did Alec and Gorudo poison Lucia's father?

Because they wanted to weaken the Karaya Clan, which was apparently a threat to their own territory.

What exactly is the story on Clive's gun again?

I'd prefer to direct you to which has plenty of detail.

At the time of Sui 3, what's the situation in the Toran government.

President: Lepant
General Secretary: Tesla
Minister of Construction: Mose
Minister of Finance: Jabba has retired by 475
Merchant Guildmaster: Kun To
Chair of the Senate: Warren
Supreme Justice: Hugo (the librarian)
Capital Guards General of the Left: Alen
Capital Guards General of the Right: Grenseal
Border Guard Captain: Varkas
Patrol Captain: Kessler has retired by 475
Six Great Generals: Kwanda, Sonya, Camille. Valeria, Kai, and Kasim have become Honorary Generals, and withdrew from executive duties. The "Six Great Generals" has 1 empty seat at the point of 475, and the two other positions have been filled with other people (who are unnamed).

How are the Alma Kinan born/reproduce?

Nash asks the same question in the game, and Yumi tells him that it's a secret. There's no other info about this.

Are the Alma Kinan lesbians? I'm not trying to be funny as Yumi asks Yun about Chris "So she's your pick, eh?" or something to that extent.

Although there are a few slash stories/art out there about the Alma Kinan girls, there is no evidence that the Alma Kinan clan is a lesbian commune. They do have a tradition that a clan member choose another as a "soul mate" of sorts--which is similar to what we call "best friend."

I have 2 words for the Toran Republic...."TERM LIMITS." I mean geez, 18 years years of Lepant and his same administration. They're gonna need another war to get rid of Lepant, if you ask me. They apparently do have elections, but Lepant keeps getting re-elected.

The title of "President," by the say, doesn't necessarily mean a person is elected. In our world, President Musharraf of Pakistan is an example of a person who became a President through a coup, and has been in power ever since. President Mubarak of Egypt has been reelected 4 times, and has been ruling Egypt for two decades. The United States has a system of presidents serving 4 years with a limit of two terms. However, this is not common throughout the world. In fact, there are many more nations that have 5 year limits. Kazakhstan has a 7 year term. In Turkmenistan, the president has a life term!

What's exactly the story behind Watari, that 'woman' and his connection to Highland?

There are no exact details, but I will tell you whatever I know. Watari was a member of the group "Kage" (Oddly translated as "Black Wind" in the US version), which served the Highland Kingdom, and the Dunan Republic after Highland was defeated. Watari was apparently involved with the Higheast Rebellion, and defected to the loyalist's side. The "woman" seems to have something to do with his loyalty, and choice to defect from his clan.

My speculation is that this woman is some sort of rebellion leader figure, or an ex-Highland royal family member, such as Jillia Blight.

What was the Higheast Rebellion? And when did it happen?

Taken from's timeline--(

IS - 472: Higheast Rebellion
Harmonia invaded Dunan Republic's Higheast Province when Highland loyalists led a rebellion. President Teresa Wisemail fought against Harmonia with the aid of Shu and managed to defeat the rebellion and push back Harmonia.

This has been plaguing me forever, what thing, rune or item, does Luca Blight have that allows him to do those fire moves?

Murayama never went into detail, but said that Luca uses an "item" to cause his sword to ignite. Likely it's some sort of flammable liquid.

Are full true runes equal in power?

Yes, in one way or another, all True Runes are supposed to be equal in power. However, in actual application, the mastery its user has over the True Rune would influence the outcome quite a lot, as seen by how Geddoe was able to match Luc's power, while Hugo and Chris didn't have a chance.

Whats the deal with the cover art for Suikoden 1. Who are those people supposed to be. they look like they're off some romance novel cover.

It is assumed by most that the guy with bows and arrows is Ted, the lady under her is Windy, the mangy looking old dude is Barbarossa, the dude on the top right-hand side with a strange rod is Luc, and the lady under that is Leknaat. In the center, you see Futch on Black.

Is there any info on the music for 4?

You can actually listen to Suikoden 4's music through the various trailers that have been released. I don't know how Suikoden 3's music was "shocking" as you say, because it was pretty serene and mild--almost non-existent. The music features an artist called Coba, but the bulk of the music will be made by Konami staff who did the music for Suikoden 3. It seems like they will try to bring the music back to how it was in Suikoden 1 and 2.

Is it safe to assume that all the runes that are irremovable, because the characters' were born with it. I know Stallion was born with the True Holy Rune and Sarah was born with the Flowing Rune. But what about everyone else? I mean was Camus born with the Rage Rune? Or is it just in some cases since Valeria and Anita have the Falcon Runes which they seem to have gotten from Roundier Haia.

It is rare for people to be born with runes. The irremovable ones may simply be irremovable because they're unique to the character. Rage rune of Camus was given to him because he is the Red Knight Captain, and Camus' character is supposed to be "good with the rage rune." If he is able to remove that rune, it would affect his character. Caleria and Anita's Falcon rune were given to them by Roundier Haia upon completion of their training. It's uncertain how Roundier Haia is able to make runes--it may not even be a rune. It's a problem with the game system--runes are an easy way to give character "special attacks," and Konami hasn't developed the setting to explain these situations.

What exactly is this Song of Evanescence/Absolvement that Sierra used to destroy Rean Penenberg?

It's sort of a poetry or spell that Sierra can utter to destroy vampires. Why she didn't use it against Neclord is a mystery.

Isn't it quite obvious that Harmonia has lost a tremendous amount of land, and thus power, since its creation?

The Dunan Region was never a part of Harmonia. This can be seen by the fact that the Monarchy of Dunan started without any war. I don't know how the Toran Region could have been under Harmonia rule, while Dunan remained separate from Harmonia. Perhaps because Toran is relatively easy to reach from Harmonia by sea, while Dunan is landlocked. Although Harmonia has lost Toran to the south, and lost half of Grassland, and allowed Highland to secede, they have also absorbed other nations during that time, such as the nation Geddoe used to be a part of, the nation that Queen used to be a part of (Sanady), and the nation Zaj was from (Sanadia).

Kranach Rugner, the first Emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire, was Barbarossa's grandfather, correct? How is it possible that only three generations of Rugners reigned over the SME for more than 2 centuries? As far as I know, the Sovereign Rune didn't grant agelessness to the bearer of the King Dragon Sword.

Barbarossa's grandfather is Karnach Rugner, not Kranach Rugner. The name is very similar, but they're different people.

Is Kathy aware of the fact that Billy is her father?

Nope, although she knows that her father is a treasure hunter for some reason.

Who is the president of Dunan? You said during the High East Rebellion it was Teresa Wisemail, but during Suikoden III, a guy in Caleria says Mayor Fitcher. Isn't Muse the capital of Dunan? So who is the leader?

Teresa is still the President. Dunan is no longer a loose alliance like it was before it became a republic. Now they have a centralized government, and the mayor of Muse is no longer the head of the alliance. Thus, Fitcher is just the mayor of Greenhill, while Teresa remains the president.

Did Luca Blight train himself or did he have an instructor?

Han Cunningham trained him.

Did Luc revealed that he used the True Wind Rune for summoning the Golem in the Japanese version? (in English version he didnt)

Yep, in the Japanese version he says that.

Why is it that Luc can place any runes on his right hand during the first 2 games? He clearly has the TWR, since he used it in S2. (not sure about S1)

Probably because Konami didn't think that far ahead. It's more of a problem with the system itself.

What's actually the reason why Tinto and South Window wanted to annex the Senan area in Toran? It's just a wasteland after all, with no major industry, no bustling cities etc.

They don't particularly want Senan. They want Toran itself. In previous wars, Jowston has been able to go in as deep as Kunan before being pushed back. During the Gate Rune Wars, they were able to only go as far as the Senan area. They attacked then because Mathiu sent them a letter saying Barbarossa was planning to attack.

What was Shu intention going into the fire? Why did he decided to die with the soldiers of highland?

He took the risk of dying, hoping that he can be the bait to lure the Highland army. He hoped to kill Leon Silverberg using this method, but he failed accomplishing that goal.

Which characters are confirmed as "dead" and which ones are just "MIA" or whatever?

Suikoden 1-- Odessa Silverberg, Kraze, Ted, Teo McDohl, Mathiu Silverberg.
Suikoden 2-- Pohl, Annabelle, Granmeyer, Solon Jhee, Agares Blight, Luca Blight, Kiba Windamier, Neclord, Han Cunningham, Seed, Culgan.
Suikoden 3-- Lulu, Yun, Jimba, Sarah, Luc.

Suikoden 1--Barbarossa Rugner, Windy
Suikoden 2--None
Suikoden 3--None

How long ago was Bobs Village of Lycanthropes destroyed by Windy & co? if it was around the same time as she destroyed the Village of the Hidden Rune, does that make Bob over 300 years old?

Bob was 25 years old during Suikoden 2's time, so he can't be nearly 300 years old. We don't know exactly when Windy destroyed his village, but it would have occurred after the year 436.

How can you tell someone has a true rune by looking at there hand. I thought true runes were hidden in you body? Is there a tattoo or some mark that indicates this.

Runes aren't hidden in the body. It remains visible on your hands or forehead. It also glows, so it's quite visible.

What is the procedure of Leon's "Yuber summon"

Unfortunately, there is no detail on what exactly is involved with summoning Yuber.

What is this I hear about Jeane's family

Fumi Ishikawa, the main designer for Suikoden 3, states in an interview included in Dengeki PS Vol 217 (Page 79) that, "She doesn't seem like she has aged at all, but she doesn't have a true rune." She then says, "Apparently, Jeane's family all have the same face."

How exactly did Jowston invade Moravia?

Viktor delivered the letter from Mathiu to Annabelle after he briefly left the army following Neclord's death. Annabelle was fully aware that Mathiu was trying to "use" Jowston forces, but because Viktor was her friend, she brought the news that "The imperials have dropped their guard of Senan" at the Jowston Hill conference. Tinto and South Window agreed immediately. This is from the Suikoden 1 novel.

Other sources say that Jowston was told the Imperials were planning an attack, so Konami doesn't have consistent info regarding this incident.

One thing for certain is that Jowston really didn't know much about what was happening in Toran. The two nations are pretty far apart, and as Viktor says, it takes 6 months to travel from one to the other. There's also no radio, TV, or internet in the Suikoden world, so people won't really have any accurate information.

Shu is obviously created after the infamous Zhuge Liang. Shu has to acknowledge though, and is aware of this from the beginning IMO, that he's inferior in skill to Leon. But I don't recall Zhuge Liang having such an adversary.

Shu was modeled after Zhuge Liang, but not everything about Zhuge has been copied to Shu--only the general feel.

So Annabelle appeared in the novel for Suikoden I? Interesting that she showed up before she had actually made her appearance in Suikoden II. Anyone else appear in a similar way?

The Suikoden 1 novel was written after Suikoden 2 was released in Japan, so Annabelle showing up isn't that big of a surprise. No other character shows up in such manners though.

How do I get Humphrey or Georg to have two rune slots? I got their magic up and that didnt work, unless it has to be extremely high; because I would like to either put the double-strike rune or fury rune on Humphrey because he already had double beat.

Humphrey and Georg never get a second rune slot.

What does the Balloon Status do?

If you get three balloons on one character during combat, the character flies away and will be unusable during that battle.

Ok, so the Night Rune is somehow connected to the Star Dragon Sword. My question is there any mention of when the Star Dragon Sword came into existence? The Star Dragon Sword has been in existence for about 800 years at the point of Suikoden 2.

The Star Dragon Sword has been in "sword form" for hundreds of years at the point of Suikoden 1. Previous to that, he may have not existed, but he may also have existed in another form.

Just a follow up question for the whole Humphrey Georg getting two slots, Could they get two slots if you piles on magic stone pieces?

Actually, rune slots are totally dependent upon character level. For example, Hai Yo gets his 2nd slot at level 40, and 3rd slot at level 65. It doesn't matter that Hai Yo's MAG is low, he will always get that 3rd slot at level 65.

Thus, Humphrey will never get more than 1 rune slot, unless you use a gameshark or something.

Though all True Rune bearers felt deep depression, is it a coincidence that most True Runes recognized a "leader-type" bearer or somewhat pre-destined to be a future leader (with an exemption with Ted when he once owned the Soul Eater; and he never became a leader)?

True runes choose their bearers who would most likely fulfill its own agenda. Thus, it would probably be to the True Rune's interest to become attached to a leader-type. However, there have always been exceptions such as Windy/Leknaat, Ted, Sierra, and Luc who were not real leaders but had complete mastery over their runes. There are other cases such as the Beast Rune and the Night Rune which are not attached to human beings. I guess we can see a tendency, but it's not something that is 100% the case.

If Karaya and Zexen are still enemies until this day, is it possible if Dunan or Toran region can be their mediator to make the two region reconcile (though I doubt since Dunan and Karayan made ties at the end of Suikoden 2)?

It is possible because basically anything is possible with the plot. Toran is a bit far though, and is more worried about Dunan as a neighbor so them mediating Zexen and the Grasslanders is highly unlikely.

Is the Golden Hydra a "Rincar"?

That is Barbarossa. The Dragon King Sword (or the Sovereign Rune) has the ability to change it's bearer into a Golden Hydra. So nope, it isn't the Rune Incarnation (Rincar) of the Sovereign Rune.

Why was Kuromimi the only Kobold unaffected by Windy's hocus pocus in Suikoden 1?

Because he was away when Windy affected them.

Why exactly did Jimba/Wyatt go to the Sindar ruins (where he was eventually killed)? He already had the True Water Rune. Maybe I missed an explanation during the game. It seemed like he was there to protect the seal of the True Water Rune, or something. I've never really understood what was going on there.

His True Water Rune was half sealed. To gain its full power, Jimba had to remove the seal.

Why is it that Jowy is not part of 108 Star of Destiny in Suikoden 2 while Luc in Suikoden 3 is a Star of Destiny and both they are enemy of the Hero? Even though it is the will of the True Rune for Riou and Jowy. Is this means that Jowy have 108 Star of Destiny also??

Because the game developers decided to make it that way, I suppose. Jowy can not have his own 108 stars, because there's only one set of Stars of Destiny (Mainly because there's only one "Tenkai Star" in the heavens, etc.

Yuber's rune, the Eightfold Rune. I think that is referring to a Japanese Legend. (even though I think the word Eightfold is actually a Buddhist word) If thats the case, can you give me a brief description about the story? (I think its about 8 dogs or something? and its somewhat based on the Chinese Shui Hu Zhen?)

It's only a theory that the Eightfold rune is based on the Satomi Hakkenden. This is a story that became popular during the Edo era, and is loosely based on Shui Hu Zhuan. Eight heroes who all have the character for "dog" in their name come together to defeat an evil, drawn together my mysterious gems symbolizing the 8 virtues of Confucianism (Loving-kindness, Camaraderie, Respect, Wisdom, Trust, Loyalty, Filial Piety, Community).

Yafusa (Eightfold) is a quasi-divine dog with eight spots on its back. It's a monstrous thing, and eats enemies alive, etc. Because it helped kill the enemy of the Satomi clan, it is given Princess Fu-se as a gift. As a result, Princess Fu-se becomes pregnant, but instead of a baby, gives birth to 8 gemstones with the 8 virtues written on them, along with a white, gaseous spirit, which becomes the spirit of the 8 heroes who are to be born soon.

In S2, when Doctor Huan joins you, he says that he was able to escape the attack on Muse with the help of a "kind soldier". Who is he talking about? I've heard it was Nash but I'm not sure. If it was Nash who helped him, was the scene in Suikogaiden?

Nah, it wasn't Nash, it was Georg Prime. There are official sources for this. Nash would be unable to do this anyways, because after Muse falls, he flees to Greenhill--not to South Window.

In S3, in the beginning of Geddoe's chapter 1, after they decide to go into the grasslands Joker says that they could probably rely on the information that "that knight "gave them. Who is he talking about? My completely random guess is that it was Fred, since he was around the area in everyone's chapter 1.

He is talking about Salome. Salome and Geddoe have been exchanging information for a while.

When Geddoe's party first arrives at the Lizard Clan and they are met with hostility, Jacques is missing and after the scene Queen says that "he can come out now" and he remarks on how it was boring or something. I never really understood that scene. Did Geddoe expect there to be trouble and so he told Jacques to wait in the distance, or did Jacques just have a gut feeling that something would be wrong?

He was getting ready to snipe in case things got ugly.

What exactly is the difference between a normal person and a Star of Destiny? For someone that needs to be gathered for a specific, important mission in the world they don't seem to have any qualities that make them much different from the "normies". No divine protection?

In the novel Shui Hu Zhuan, people born under the Stars of Destiny were reincarnations of demonic overlords who have repented for justice. However, in "Suikoden," there is no setting other than that these people are chosen to come together for a common cause. The point seems to be that even normal people can make a difference--and that one need not be super-human to be a hero.

Something that perked my interest in Suikoden I was when Leknaat said something like "... Even at his most powerless, man's existence is never without meaning ..." So far, there hasn't been any indication that man has changed anything concerning the fate of the world. The True Runes have played everyone like puppets, except arguably when Riou and Jowy didn't kill one another and have the rune joined (which also could have been the plan, somehow). This also leads me to my next question. What has man done that has directly opposed what the True Runes wish and succeeded?

Leknaat wasn't talking about the "fate of the world," but she was talking about "fate." As far as how True Rune Bearers can go against a True Rune's will is cases such as Sierra who has her Blue Moon Rune under total control, or Wyatt Lightfellow who had his True Rune half-sealed. Leknaat has complete control over her front half of the Gate Rune. If all of these runes has control, they'd be causing a lot more problems for the world.

In Suikoden 3, Chapter 5 when Hugo loses whatever true rune it is that he has, Luc says that he once entrusted his dream to someone with Hugo's eyes. Is it known who this is? I'm guessing it's Riou or Tir.

Yeah, it is both Riou and Tir.

Is it custom for dragon knights to use spears? All of the ones we have been able to use in battle have used them.

Yeah, it is customary for them to use spears, although Futch breaks that convention by using Humphrey's sword in Suikoden 3.

Can only dragon knights attain dragons? Say if someone who wasn't a dragon knight had come across Bright in S2 on Mount Rakutei before Futch, could they raise the dragon as there own?

No idea, but it's unlikely because the Dragon Knights have extensive knowledge on how to raise dragons. It's no easy task, apparently. Milich Oppenheimer rides a dragon, but that is due to his "Black Rune," which gave him control over monsters.

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June 19th, 2004