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Lucretia is Hugos Father

Lucia plus Lucretia is Hugo

The question of Hugos paternal figure has tormented Suikoden fans since the conclusion of Suikoden III. Tormented by comments like "Hugo got his hair color from his father," "Hugos father was a kind man," and "Weve seen Hugos father before", Suikoden fans came to unreasonable conclusions that Hans Cunningham, Beachum, or some random Karayan soldier was Hugos father. But thanks to new information presented in Suikoden V, Hugos hidden genealogy has at last been revealed.

1) Lucretia is a Man
Many fans assume that Lucretia is female due to his hair, physical appearance, robes, voice, name, title of "Lady", and biographical information. While this conclusion seems apparent, it is founded on the same faulty principles of logic used to prove Evolution, the existence of microbes within our bodies, and the idea that cancer kills and does not produce puppies from thin air.

Characters like Kasios, Mara, and Shula prove that physical appearance is an erroneous method to determine gender. Lucretias appearance and dress is irrelevant, except that the robes are rather large and not form fitting, contrary to the standard style of dress most Suikoden V females prefer. It is likely that they are hiding something. Although many characters refer to Lucretia as "Lady" and think of him as a woman, this is likely part of a ruse, a tactic which he used several times throughout Suikoden V. The characters surrounding him, such as Cius, are completely taken by the deception and do not question it. Only characters who know him from the past would be aware of the subterfuge. This explains his antagonism to Cathari, who could reveal his secret, and also the antagonism of Godwin, who would understandably be upset to find his mistress was not a miss. The evidence is further compounded when one considers that Lucretia will not enter the bath, since he is afraid his secret will be revealed.

Lucretia is also sexually involved with women, such as Lelei. While it is unclear what Lucretia thinks of Lelei, he keeps her closer than any other character, allowing her constant access to his room, and even letting her accompany him after the games end. It would appear that Leleis romantic desires were at least satisfied to an extent. While it could be claimed that Lelei is a lesbian, there is no evidence of relationships with other females. Thus if Lucretia is the only person Lelei has been involved with, it is impossible to conclude whether she is heterosexual or homosexual.

Finally, Lucretia is based heavily on the Chinese strategist Zhuge Liang, who was a man. Creating a female character based on a man is just plain silly.

2) Lucretias Hair is Black
This is another point that appears absurd until considered carefully. While Lucretia looks like a blonde, his hair is actually dyed. The green tips of his bangs are evidence of tampering with the natural hair coloring. Further, because Lucretia is an adopted First-Class Harmonian, his parents would likely dye his hair blonde so that he could fit in easier. The original color was likely black, establishing the hereditary link to Hugo.

3) Lucretia is Connected to the Karaya Clan
It is accepted that Lucretia was born into the Karaya Clan, but was separated from them after the True Fire Rune went berserk and adopted by Harmonians. Since Lucretia vanishes after the end of the Falena Civil War, he must have traveled throughout the world, keeping a relatively low profile. Along the way he would have certainly visited his original people, and possibly even stayed to live with them. There he could have met Lucia and fell in love, resulting in the birth of Hugo. Lucretia likely either stayed behind during the events of Suikoden II in order to maintain his anonymity, or he left shortly after impregnating Lucia. By the time Hugo was fifteen, Lucretia had either left on his journey, or had died.

4) Lucretia Appears Prior to the Events of Suikoden III
Many fans claim Konami has said that Hugos father had already been seen, though the statement remains unconfirmed. While this could disprove Lucretias claim to paternity, it is important to remember that Suikoden V happens before Suikoden III. Suikoden V was a long time in development, running alongside Suikoden IV, and it is likely the principal planning for the game began during Suikoden III. As the chief strategist, Lucretia would likely be among the first characters developed especially due to his connection to Hugo. Thus, confused members of Konami probably made these comments in passing, forgetting that Suikoden V had not yet been released.

5) Lucretia and Lucia Both Begin With Luc and End With ia
The similarity between the names proves the two were meant for each other. And since they share "Luc", a major character in Suikoden, this cannot be ignored as idle speculation.

6) Numerology
Numerology is the study of numbers and how they determine ones fate. If one assigns numbers to roman letters (1-26), the numerologic sum of Lucretia and Lucia equals 135, the same as the sum of Hugo off Karaya, "off" being used instead of "of" because of the translation precedent in Final Fantasy VII: "Off Course" instead of "Of Course". Numerology proves beyond a doubt that Hugo must be the child of Lucretia and Lucia, and also that Hugo is the antichrist.

Written by Nameless Lands Citizen
June 12th, 2006