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Suikoden 4 New Info 3/28/04

A bald guy looks on as Brandeau uses his Rune of Punishment. They seem to be on the deck of a ship (the background makes it pretty obvious doesn't it), probably facing towards the hero.

Electronic Games Monthly published a small article on Suikoden 4 in their April edition. The article mentioned a few things--

  • There will be no data transfer.

  • Kawano says, "We decided to do something very different by setting the entire game on the ocean," so there would be A LOT of ocean for sure.

  • The hero will be "likely building a houseboat instead of a home castle."

  • Battle sistem from suikoden 3 will be completely scrapped

  • Spoken dialogue will be introduced.

    Written by SARSadmin
    March 28th, 2004

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