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Suikoden 4 New Info 3/24/04

Duplication of this material without the consent of the site owner is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

Kai of Gensui Kouryaku Shinsyo updated her site with new information from recent publications in Japan. This includes what she saw in the new trailer DVD as well as an interview with Junko Kawano, the director of Suikoden 4. I'll go ahead and selectively translate information gathered from her update. (Disclaimer: New character names will be translated to the best of my abilities, but it would likely be different from the actual Konami translation).

  • Excerpts from Junko Kawano Interview
    1) The theme of Suikoden 4 is "forgiveness and atonement."

    2) The critical element of the theme would be the "what happens to the 'Rune of Punishment' carried by the hero."

    3) Technological and cultural levels are not any higher than previous Suikodens (due to location and timeframe).

    4) The core emphasis during development was to "bring forth the Suikoden feel."

    5) The sound effect from Suikoden 1 and 2 when someone joins your army will return (with some modification).

    6) Another emphasis during production was to make gameplay enjoyable without things slowing down.

    7) There is a new system concerning ships, but this is still a secret.

    8) During sea travel, battles will happen on the deck. Other battles are still a secret.

    9) We are at the last bend of development.

    10) When it was decided that I would be in charge of Suikoden 4, I felt "Whoa... I haven't worked in a while..."

    11) My pictures were chosen probably because it fits the Suikoden 4's image.

    12) Character design is somewhat different from Suikoden 1 because this time, they gave me time to draw pictures during my work time.

After that, Kawano talks about new characters. Below I will summarize and translate what was said.

  • Snowe Vingerhut (19 years old)
    "A lot happens with him, but telling you anything would spoil it, so it's a secret, sorry."

  • Glen Cott (53 years old)
    "He probably cares about the hero the most within the knights."

  • Katarina (30 years old)
    "Instead of being someone with innate talent, she is moreso a person who gets where she is through hard work and effort."

  • Chiepoo
    "'Nekobold' means 'a race that looks like kobolds from Nei Island."
    (Apparently the movie also included the full unite attack, which is quite beyond belief according to Kai. She says "is that really a unite "attack?"

  • Jewel (16 years old)
    The character at the left edge of the recent magazine cover. She is a girl with tanned skin, short hair, and a red, reversed triangle on her forehead. She is also seen in armor, so she is probably a trainee of the Gaien Knights. She supposedly has a crush on Snowe, and has known Chiepoo for a long time.

  • Taru(Tal? Tar?) (21 years old)
    He is seen in the middle of the recent magazine cover. He is big, and seems like he'd eat a lot. In the movie he seems to doze off when Glen is ordering the knight trainees. He likes to fish.

  • Kenneth (18 years old)
    The character that is 4th from the left in the recent magazine cover. He has a unique hairstyle. In previous trailers, he was seen back flipping everywhere during battle, but he is said to be a calm and collected guy. He is a trainee and an orphan just like the hero. In the previous trailer, he is also seen on a small ship with the hero.

  • Paula (17 years old)
    The elf in green, she is on the right end of the recent magazine cover. Many people thought she was male, but she is a girl. Just like the hero, she can be seen in armor as a trainee, and she is also seen in battle in her green clothed version. She seems to be friends with Jewel because she is seen chatting with her when Glen is making a speech at the trainees--however, it's mostly Jewel doing the talking. Apparently she doesn't talk very much, and gives the impression of being cold. She likes fruits, and one of the lines she says is, "...This mango tastes good..." She is also seen in a scene where she is on a boat with the hero and Chiepoo.

  • Rakzie(Laksie?)
    He is the boy seen with a triangle on his head, seen in the trailer from September 2003 with who appears to be his mother. In the new trailer, he is seen saying, "Would you like to ride on the boat?" so perhaps he is a ferryman?

  • Leelin(Reerin?)
    The "mermaid" with legs seen in the old trailers. She is seen in what looks like a shop, and says, "Hero welcome, take look around" (grammar error deliberate) so she doesn't seem to speak very well, or may have her own language. She'll likely run a shop in the headquarters, and she is seen with 4 other merfolk. Wonder what kind of shop that would be?

  • Flare(Flair?)
    She is the blong girl with a ponytail in red clothing seen in the old trailers. She is seen saying "...I will stay on this island. Someone's got to stay with those who are left behind... Please tell that to dad!" in the new trailer. Based on that, her dad may possibly be on the hero's side. She is seen carrying a bow on her back, so her weapon is probably a bow.

  • Ramada
    He is a skinhead dude seen with the ninja girl's group in this picture. He wears glasses as well, and his line is, "Die, hero!!"

  • Setsu
    He is a short old man with a moustache and a bit of hair on the side of his head. He has a sharp gaze, and is seen walking around the bath in the trailer.

  • Gadget?
    Kai reports that something that looks like a barrel was seen taking a bath in the trailer, but she isn't sure due to the persistent mist in the bath and her "cheap TV."

  • Hallec look-alike
    A dude wearing animal hide and resembles Hallec was seen in the trailer. He is seen in a unite attack with Dario, where he swings Dario around and throws him up into the sky. Probably a joke attack.

  • Reno En Curdez
    He is one character who has had his name revealed for a while, but he was apparently seen quite often in the new trailer as well. He is seen unleashing a powerful unite attack against a fish-like enemy. He is seen being shot with arrows by enemies, and one arrow hits him in his rear end. Perhaps he functions as comic relief to a certain degree?

  • Shuriken-using boy
    He is seen with the ninja girl and Ramada in this picture. He uses what looks like a shuriken, but this might also be the Chinese martial art weapon "Kun." He is seen doing a "very cool" (according to Kai) unite attack with the ninja girl while holding hands with her.

  • Two Japanese-style characters
    There are two males standing beside the hero while he fishes at the dock. They wear what looks like Japanese-style clothing (for festivals?)

  • Axe-using guy wearing a helmet
    He was only seen for a split second in a battle scene in the new trailer, but there apparently was a guy in a helmet holding a hand-axe.

That's all as far as new character information, but there's more stuff in the trailer, so let me translate those information in the seemingly "haphazard manner" (according to Kai) Kai has presented on her site.

  • The wide, wide ocean!
    The magazine apparently includes the world map for Suikoden 4!! Also, the trailer apparently includes fleet vs fleet battle!! Also, based on the world map, apparently Suikoden 4's setting is about

    95% ocean

    !! Woah, so there probably won't be much "walking around the field map."

  • Battle stuff
    Again, only 4-member battle groups were shown, so it seem certain the number of people in battle has been reduced. Also, the free positioning system from Suikoden 3 would most definitely be gone--however, there has been no announcement from Konami about the above, yet. The battles seem to go quickly, but Kai says that some of the unite attacks seem to take a bit of time, perhaps diminishing their utility. Kai also observed that there were battles where the hero wasn't in the party. Also, a ploygonized flying squirrel was seen in battle, attacking a balloon to one of the "prettyboys." Furthermore, there appeared to be what looks like the war battle from Suikoden 1 (The type where bunch of small humans clash against each other like ants). On the left side is the "Mushroom Army" and on the right is the "Liberation Army." Assuming that the hero is with the "Liberation Army," what the hell is the "Mushroom Army"? Hopefully it's just a temporary name, or perhaps it's one of the new mini-games?

  • Hero and the Rune of Punishment
    The hero uses the rune of punishment in battle, and a red light is seen piercing the heavens. In one battle, he uses it against what looks like a crab, so the rune can probably be used without worrying about your life being sucked away.

  • Headquarters
    First of all, Leelin the mermaid is seen running what looks like a shop. Also, the bath looks like it went through a complete overhaul. The entrance is separate for male and female, and there's even a "maneki neko" statue on both sides. The actual bath-scene shows people taking baths instead of a blank screen we got in Suikoden 3. Unfortunately, the screen is filled with mist, so things are quite obscured. The fishing game is also back, but also went through an overhaul, and you can record the type of fish you caught along with their size (in centimeters, will that be changed to inches for the US release?).

  • Other tidbits
    1) A "legendary knight who saved Razril from great calamity in the past" is mentioned, but not elaborated.

    2) The scene in the old trailer where fireworks are seen takes place during the graduation ceremony for the trainees.

    3) "The lighting ceremony" is an important part of graduation, and is performed by the representative of the trainees. Snowe is chosen as the representative and that is why Snowe is seen carrying a torch. It also explains why the hero is reluctant to carry the torch.

    Written by SARSadmin
    March 24th, 2004

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