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Genso Suikoden Ibunroku Initial Information

Preliminary information on a new Suikoden offshoot, Genso Suikoden Ibunroku (Apocryphal Stories) have been released on It seems like an insider has leaked a huge amount of information on this game's development, which is slated to come out in 2005. Let me translate some of the things that have been released so far--

  • Setting: Year 472, Higheast (Used to be Highland Kingdom)

    As you can see in the map on the right, the setting will be completely limited to the Higheast province, although some scenes of the game may take place elsewhere. The overworld map will be similar to that of Suikoden 2. The aim of the Genso Suikoden Ibunroku series is to focus on a very specific event in a limited timespan for the pure reason of creating greater depth in the Suikoden world. Apparently, it is easier to pull something like this off with a very small budget and a smaller staff than the main series. It is confirmed that Fumi Ishikawa will be doing the design for this series, and the director will be Keiichi Isobe, who was mainly in charge of the Highland area's programming during Suikoden 2.

  • Plot: The plot is said to be based on the Higheast Rebellion which has been mentioned briefly in Suikoden 3. The story would involve a hidden heir to the Highland throne fighting against the Dunan Republic, and Harmonia will be involved with the plot. The source at stated, "Other nations will be involved as well, and the game would be more strategic instead of being a traditional RPG." There will be two heroes from which you can choose, who are on opposing sides of the conflict.

    Although it is uncertain how this would affect the concept of 108 stars, the source also said, "After the plot progresses to the climax, the stars will gather to fight against a hidden, true enemy." Furthermore, a new true rune has been announced as the "Hakkou no Monsho" which can be translated either as "Rune of Consurging Light" or "Rune of Fermentation."

  • Characters A number of character information has been released along with some graphics. Unfortunately the source has been disconnected for some reason, but I managed to save a number of character portraits.

    1. Hero 1
      This is supposed to be one of the heroes. He is supposedly related in some way to Highland royalty, but ends up fighting against the Highland loyalists. He later on becomes the center of the movement against Highland and Harmonia, rallying support from various other forces such as the Dunan Republic.

    2. Hero 2
      This is the other hero the player can choose. He is described as "The heir with the platinum spear." The Platinum Spear has been revealed a while ago as the Highland Kingdom's national treasure. This character will be at the center of the Highland loyalist factions.

      Additionally, he is supposed to be the older brother of hero 1, and supposedly raised together, but decides to set off on his own after being contacted by Highland loyalists about his true heritage. He is told that the spear he owns is the Highland Kingdom heirloom, and signifies that he must become king. Based on the information on plot, he would probably end up joining forces with Hero 1 eventually to fight against a common enemy, whomever that may be!

    3. Edmund Silverberg
      He is described as the previously speculated younger brother of Odessa and Mathiu Silverberg. He is listed as being 29 years old. He is supposed to be the main strategist for Hero 1's forces because he happens to be the strategist for the Higheast provincial army's strategist. He was apparently recruited by Shu a few years after the Dunan Unification War.

    4. Elza?
      This character looks like Elza, but only her image has been revealed. The source at also said, "If you transfer data from Suikoden 2, you might get an interesting bonus," so perhaps she will return if you DON'T have the Clive Quest completed? We can see that she has one gun at her hip, so perhaps Clive has the other gun?

    5. Gengen
      Having matured (He was 17 in Suikoden 2, but he would be 29 in this game), Gengen is now in charge of the kobold forces in the Dunan Republic. He'll surely be great help for whomever he's gonna be helping. Just look at all those medals!

    6. George Silverberg
      George Silverberg is the son of Leon Silverberg, and he is also the father of Caesar and Albert Silverberg. He is currently a strategist for the Harmonian regional army. One fact that has been revealed by the source at is that... Spoiler! The rest is in shadow text (highlight to see)...he dies during the game during a battle as a PART OF HIS STRATEGY! He creates a strategy that he logically deduced would be the best for Harmonia, but would have involved his death! Can you believe that?

    7. Gijimu
      Although Tinto split off from the Dunan Republic after the Dunan Unification War, they may make the decision to send troops to help the Dunan Republic. If they do, Gijimu would be leading the troops from Tinto. It seems like the player's choice may determine whether Tinto decides to help or not.

    8. Gustav
      The president of the Tinto Republic, Gustav is said to have an important role in the plot. The source at states that, "Depending on the choices the player makes, Tinto would join either on the side of the Dunan Republic or the Highland loyalists. There seems to be an element of political gameplay that happens within this game, which should make the player feel like they actually have control over the plot.

    9. Anien Jhee
      Anien Jhee is the younger brother of Solon Jhee who leads the Harmonian royalists in their quest to bring the Highland Kingdom to its former glory. He hopes that his act would clear the tarnished name of Jhee after his brother was executed by Luca Blight for incompetence. Apparently he would have a very similar personality as Solon Jhee--desperate and hot-headed.

    10. Klaus
      It's hard to believe, but this image is said to be that of Klaus--it looks more like Kiba, but looks younger. Perhaps it was in his genes? Apparently Klaus is not only a stratetegist but also a general for the Dunan Republic, and supports president Teresa Wisemail to get through these troubled times.

    11. Makai
      Makai is still the Plenipotentiary of Two River. Apparently Two River is once again rife with racial tension, and Makai's adamant attitude doesn't help. It seems like the fact that Gengen isn't as forceful as Ridley makes the situation even worse. There would probably be some difficult situations caused by this old-school politician.

    12. Manfred Von Feuerbach
      A die-hard Highland loyalist who acts as the strategist for the loyalist forces. He is the one who contacts hero 2 and tells him that he is the heir. Manfred is said to be very passionate for his cause and convinced that the rebellion is for the good of the people. Apparently he studied strategy in Crystal Valley and would be doing some "very unconventional things" with his strategy.

    13. Pilika
      It seems like Pilika would be back as a 18 year old martial artist girl. Otherwise not much is known about her role, but we would surely find out what may have happened with Jillia. For one thing, why would someone who abhors violence take up martial arts? I am sure the game would answer that question.

    14. Rikimaru
      The perpetually hungry swordsman sems to make a comeback. What is interesting is that he can be recruited by either side! The source at says that certain "independent" characters can be recruited by either side depending on what side the player decides to play on.

    15. Riou
      He is listed as "Hero from Suikoden 2" but yeah, he is Riou. You san see that he's aged a bit since the Dunan Unification War, and looks a lot more confident compared to how he looked clueless in Suikoden 2. Apparently he got rid of his circlet because he "outgrew his memories of Genkaku." It is undertain what role he would have in the plot, but one would wonder what may have happened to Jowy and Nanami. Perhaps they are together?

      It is confirmed that the plot of this game is based on the "good ending" of Suikoden 2, so he would probably still have the Bright Shield Rune on his right hand. Whichever side he dicides to be on, he'd probably be a great addition. However, seeing that he was the direct cause of Solon Jhee's death, it's doubtful that Anien Jhee would accept him in his force.

    16. Rowd
      Rowd seems to make a return in some capacity. Apparently is is another "independent character" who can join your side depending on your choices. The source at says that Rowd will play a very important role in the game, but what exactly that may be is uncertain.

    17. Shu
      Having retired, Shu's role is said to be in the sidelines in Genso Suikoden Ibunroku. However, he will make appearances in critical times of the rebellion, making decisions that may effect the overall war. His role seems to be more tailored towards the new "politics system" that Ibunroku would incorporate, where the decisions made during the "political phase" would determine what events will and will not happen. Lets look forward to it.

    18. Schtolteheim Reinbach III
      Apparently Viktor makes a comeback in this game, but will be using his alias, Shtolteheim Reinback III throughout the game. It seems like he has already given away his Star Dragon Sword to Edge, and would not be carrying it with him in this game. Apparently he would be on the side of the Dunan Republic.

      Written by SARSadmin
      April 1st, 2004

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